Slayer DVD Bonanza

Posted: July 29, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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Just to warn you guys, any bit of Slayer information that comes my way I’m going to comment on.And I mean any. Even if Kerry adds another braid to his beard or Jeff, Tom or Dave find a new grey hair I’m going to talk about it like it’s the second coming of Christ himself.

Thankfully, this bit of news is far more interesting than greying hair. It’s been revealed that slayer are to re-release their previous, out of print DVD’s ,”War at the Warfield” and “Still Reigning”.

What’s more exciting however, is the news that the band are releasing their classsic VHS, “Live Intrusion” for the first time ever on DVD.

Now, I’ve seen “War” and “Reigning” tons of times and, though I may see everything they do through rose tinted glasses, they really are quality releases. The mini-documentaries on each are also worth checking out (even if just to have a giggle/be amazed at some of the lunatics that turn up at Slayer gigs-A demon called Jim Carrey anyone?) and the performance footagte really does capture the intensity of a Slayer live set.

However, I’ve never been able to track down Live Intrusion (though their are countless copies available of it online-personally, I don’t like watching stuff on my laptop). I’ve heard nothing but praise about this video and so am really looking forward to checking it out, especially since the band probably play alot more from Seasons, South and Reign than they do know. Also seeing the guys jam with Rob Flynn and Chris Konton of Machinehead on Venom’s “Witching Hour” will be might cool (i know I could just youtube it, but meh!) I might try and track down a copy of the VHS or give in and watch it online, just to see how the DVD improves on the original. Here’s hoping a view extras are thrown in, like the band talking about what was going on with them at that time (especially if they could get Paul to talk about what it was like trying to replace Dave).

It would have been very cool if these were released as Blu Rays but personally, thats not as a huge deal for me as it is for some people. Tom and co kick enough ass in normal definition to keep me happy,Slayer in HD might cause my head to explode!

The releases will be sold separately at the reasonable price of $13.98 each or together as a limited edition,3 DVD bundle for $29.98 from Slayers official site ( The 3 DVD bundle is the option I’m going for anyway.

While its always great to hear about a new Slayer release, the best thing for me is that it means i HAVE to post a Slayer clip.

Oh, the things I do for you guys!


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