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Posted: September 12, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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The Irish Grindcore scene isn’t exactly budding but “I’ll Eat Your Face” don’t really give a shit about that and are happy to play there crazy, almost party themed grindcore throughout the country. I had the chance to speak with Boy and Tron and recently and this is what we spoke about:

Hey guys. Can ya give us a bit of background on the band?How did it start?
TRON: It started as me doing demos but it was completely different really, more like a slowed-down Skinless with a horrible production.
Me and BOY hooked up in 2006 and started jamming and got tight. Then we did a short Irish tour with Captain Insano. We dumped
our girlfriends and moved into the same gaff together and started gigging a lot and recording etc.
BOY: Hot lady break-ups followed by big beers then a sewer of a gaff and lots of jamming. A happy time to say the least.

Did you guys start playing grindcore straight away? Or did you start off on more traditional metal?
BOY: Grindcore straight away really. When we first started gigging the stuff we played was a lot more grindy than what goes on now. Now were just super pop i’d say.
TRON: The early two demos sounded a lot more death metal as they had cookie monster vocals. But once we became instrumental I think the music became a lot faster and more bizarre.

What was it that attracted you guys to grindcore. It’s a very love it or hate it genre?
TRON: Grind is such a wide and varied genre that it would be impossible to say really. Even 80s Napalm Death and 90s Napalm Death are two different styles of music. Anal Cunt,
Wormrot, Terrorizer, Blood Duster. All these bands have similar elements here and there but are hardly close style-wise. Someone I read about recently said grind is more about
having a certain attitude and an outlook more than anything else. I would agree with that based on myself and any grind bands I’ve met or played with.
BOY: I like the speed and sound of it, the sometimes random parts and the way it’s steeped in a twisted self demoralizing sense of humour and we dont have to take ourselves seriously.

Grindcore is virtually non-existent in Ireland. When playing live, what were people’s initial reactions?
BOY: Hot from the beggining, after a few gigs people would show up with tights on their heads and just have a laugh. I dont think people took us as a metal band from the start which was the job.
TRON: People usually dig it as they can see we are having fun and so on. If it’s tight and clear it can be very powerful. Best crowds are usually those who have never heard anything like it before.
We would probably get a different reaction than a band such as Sanitorium or similar brutal grind bands, who are more metal-orientated than we would be. Some of our songs are very cartoony.

What’s the biggest venue/gig you guys have played?
BOY: I really really cant think, nothing sticks out. I’ll go for playing in the whiskey with dj scotch egg. That was some unreal gig.
TRON:Probably the first Tsunami fest in Holland. That was class.

Would you ever consider adding vocals?
BOY: Nah, that would ruin my buzz. Cello if anything.
TRON: Nope.

You guys play an almost ‘happy’, party like version of grindcore with hints of bands like Sikth in your music. Was this a natural development or did you have an idea of this sound when you started off?
TRON: Yeah it’s a natural development, we have a lot of fun writing our songs and always try and see what we can come up with and what we can play over each other so it’s good craic and that must come out,
I guess. Like I said, grind is whatever you want it to be….man.
BOY: we both have varied musical interests and I think that shows. The early tunes were all written by LOVEMASTER TRON and when I started writing it turned into a hot sweet mix of taste. I love where it’s
at now, catchy and nice and tuned down and fast. If it was all disjointed for the sake of it I would not be bothered. Feel me?

Not many Irish metal bands get signed to labels (primordial being the obvious exception). Have you guys been in contact with labels?
BOY: Only to say they wont sign us, ha ha ha.
TRON: Not really. It’s hard to get a deal when you give away your music for free. But I am sure we can get an alternative such as a merch-only deal or a deal with a number of smaller labels for short-run
vinyls or DVDs etc. I would like to do that. Plus you could put out all sorts of ridiculous crap. “Try the new IEYF branded musical toilet brush with built-in phone charger”.

Which Irish bands impress you?
BOY: Altar of plagues are sweet.
TRON: El Bastardo, Echogram, LAMP, MOLDE, [R]Evolution of a Sun, Refraction, Rites, William Christ & the One Man Orgy and we’re playing with Lesshelp soon who I’ve only seen on Youtube but sound very promising. There are lots
of Irish bands but most of them are too sheepish to big themselves up. Not me. LOOK AT MY BIG DICK AND BALLS.

What’s next for you guys?
TRON: Recording in Kerry in Feb 2011 with Ross from DATA. It’s going to be a hot masterpiece.
BOY: I’m going to log back onto youporn and BLAZE

To listen to I’ll Eat Your Face’s “Irritant” and download it for FREEand get the latest news from the band, check out www.ill-eat-your-face.com

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