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Posted: September 14, 2010 by Flashbox in Music

This is the debut post from my partner in crime, Big Poppa T. Enjoy!

Hello loyal readers, as you may notice I am not your regular corresponder Flashbox. I am in fact the new Hunter S. Thompson-esque blogger named Big Poppa T. I will start my blogging as I mean to continue and focus on music. I’m going to outline the best album opening tracks because the importance of the introductory track is underplayed. When I throw on an album by a band other than one of my favourites, I need the opening track to suck me in like a malnourished Thai hooker bobbing for dinner as it will set the tone for the rest of my listening experience. First impressions are vital as I discovered at my parole hearing. So Here it goes the top five album openers of all time…ever…no doubt [God damn it, I feel I may have lost momentum so I’ll just give you the list now you greedy maggots]:

1.) Arcarsenal by At the Drive-In [Relationship of Command]
This is the opening track to my favourite album ever and in my opinion the most important album since Nevermind. It starts the record as it means to go on by opening with the hellish intro. Then it kicks into a frantic mess of angular riffs, busy drums and Cedric Bixler Zavala’s emotive screeches. As always the lyrics are hard to piece together but the immediacy of the bellowing of ‘Beware!’ make you sit up and take notice. I first listened to this song I immediately threw it on repeat for about 2 hours before I listened to the rest of the album. The crazy thing is that it isn’t even one of the five best songs on the album which is no slight but more of an indication of the strength of the album.

2.) Angel of Death by Slayer [Reign In Blood]
I assure you I am not trying to appease Flashbox, who is a MASSIVE Slayer fan, when I name this number two. I mean for me it takes a mammoth of a song to keep it off the top spot. It could be argued that the aggressiveness from the start of the song or the shocking subject of the lyrics make it a worthy candidate but we all know its THAT riff makes the song. I’m listening to the song now and even after nearly a decade after I first heard it the bad ass-ness of the riff still makes me wear a shit eating grin just like when I first heard it. It opens a pretty heavy album with a sledgehammer blow to the face thus cementing it’s place in annals of metal history.

3.) Once by Pearl Jam [Ten]
There are reasons why albums are considered classics. There is the cohesion held from song to song, an overall tone or ambiance, the lyrical prowess, the musicianship, the song writing but importantantly there is the opening songs ability to grab you by the balls and drag you with it for the rest of the album and Once defiantly encompasses all that. Also the mixture of melody, emotive singing and pure rock’n’roll guitars ain’t to bad neither.

4.) Blood and Thunder by Mastodon [Leviathan]
All I need to say is again THAT riff but I believe the reason it gets on the list is because of the intricacy of the album and how this song represents that. If you were to condense the concept, the tone and the musicianship of Leviathan into three minutes and forty nine seconds you would get Blood and Thunder. It stands by itself as a great song but also melds directly into the whole album as well….but also THAT riff.

5.) Dumpweed by Blink 182 [Enema of the State]
O.K. of all the controversial choices to put on the list this is probably the biggest. I myself was surprised when I chose it but hear me out. When I was 14 or 15 and I threw on this album it changed my view of music. Before this album or this song I was a metal kid who wanted fast solos and crunching riffs. This song changed that. Firstly the guilty melodies carried me away from Satan’s clutches but also the earnestness of the song. The lyrics spoke to my angsty teenage soul and this soft introduction to punk invigorated everything I believed music should be. It should be simple, immediate and from the heart, and by Jove this song is all these things.

So I am patiently waiting for your hate mail which will lay out why I’m wrong and these songs suck but if I really gave a shit what anyone thought I would have put some hipster indie bullshit or some inaccessible metal crap on the list as opposed to the real champions of this niche list. Thank you for reading and F.O.D.

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