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Posted: September 16, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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Lately we’ve been getting interviews with some very cool individuals (and have many more planned, believe me!) but when I got an e-mail from Obituary vocalist John Tardy saying he’d be willing to do an interview, I almost creamed my pants! I was going to interview JOHN FUCKIN TARDY!Ever since i was about 12 years old, I’ve been a massive Obituary fan and to get an e-mail from one of my idols giving me permission to interview him is a dream come through!

John was really co-operative and came across as a genuine, cool guy in our chat. So here it is, my chat with the legendary Obituary vocalist, John Tardy!Enjoy!:

Hey John. Have you finally settled back at home after the summer in Europe?
I’m not sure how we could ask for it to have gone any better. The shows and the fans were awesome. It was a lot of travel, through many countries, that put us literally on planes, trains and automobiles so to finish without missing any shows is a real testament to a lot of hard work by a lot of different people. It is as much work as it is fun on stage. We always say we work 23 hours a day and have 1 hour off…on stage!

How were the festivals this year?
The festivals are a blast and we are so thankful for these guys inviting us to play. For us it give us a chance to play in front of a lot more people than we would normally get to play in front of but second, we get to hang out with so many bands that are friends of ours.

Which country did you guys enjoy visiting most?
Countries can be so different that there are just different thing to do and so in each. We did play our first ever festival in the UK (Bloodstock Festival), we were in Minsk for the first time, but I would have to say that Spain gets the MVP award this time around. These were shows we did on our own, NOT festivals and this is always hard to do this time of year. So many bands around trying to do shows it is a tough time of year to do your own shows. But, the shows in Spain were great and we really owe then a big thanks for all the support!

Which country had the craziest fans?
The biggest pit may have been at Bloodstock in the UK! Hard question!

Any good stories from the festival circuit?
How do they say it, what happens at a festival stays at a festival…Ha! We were headed to the first festival, and probably the biggest and best festival in Europe, Graspop. Donald and I were traveling together and we were supposed to get there a day early. We should of had the whole day to hang and throw back some cool-ones…O’ and get to see Slayer and Motohead. Instead, we end up missing a connecting flight due to weather, sleep on the floor at the airport in Chicago and made it to the festival about 4 hours before we went on stage. That was fun!

I’m sure it was!What bands impressed you guys from the festivals?Any new acts we should keep an eye out for?
I have to say I enjoyed most of the older bands like Agnostic Front and Napalm Death

You guys have been touring for over 25 years now. Is there any where in the world you have left to see?
The world is a big place and still lots of places to get too…China is one I hear a lot of bands going to…

After so many years on the road, does it all start to get a bit repetitive?Or do you still get the same buzz as when you started travelling the world?
Walking out on stage in front of 50,000 people never gets old…the traveling gets old, but not the shows!

How do fans in Europe compare to the American fans?
To me, they are all the same. Metal fans are Metal fans…they just speak a little different.

You guys have a massive backlog of songs to chose from? Do you try and play the same set every night or mix it up for every audience?
We usually put together a set list that we stick to on each run. We do try to play something off every CD and of course have to hit some of the Classics like Slowly!

How are the new tracks (from Darkest Day) holding up along the classics?
I really do love that CD. It is so heavy and we play a hand ful of the song live that seem to go over real well!

Which songs are your favorite to play live?
Once again the newer songs are newer to me too so I enjoy playing them, but there is not dening the fact that when we kick into Slowly We Rot the pit goes crazy!

I actually saw you guys play at the Palladium in Worcester last October and it was insane!How do you guys manage to keep performing with such energy and enthusiasm?
No idea! Really, I guess it is because we do have a good time with our music and the fans that continue to support us is what keeps us going. Not to sound cheesy, but to be serious, I read all the fans email and the fans that say how much they enjoy the shows is part of what helps me keep going!

Any updates on a new album?
We have been doing so much traveling that is has been hard to get much done but, we have managed to get some songs started. We now have some time set aside to get some writing done so we will know more in the next couple of months. We are in no hurry and are going to take our time and enjoy the writing and recording process!

I’ve been seeing alot about a project your working on called U-Nation. Could you tell us more about it?
We meet some of the most amazing guys that came up with this idea for a social networking website. They brought us on board to get our opionion and use Obituary as an example of just how powerful this thing can be. It has been a unbelievable experiance watching these guys work and what they have done. Think of it as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter all in one and on Steriods! We should actually have our working site to start testing this week and it should go live in about a month from now. Nov. 1 will be the actually release date!

Sounds Awesome!Thanks for your time John!

For more on Obituary, please visit their official website at


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