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Posted: September 17, 2010 by Flashbox in Movies
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As Halloween draws near, it’s time for our cinema screens to become flooded with money spinning horror sequels…..which I am a massive sucker for! And none has me more excited than Saw 7, which Lionsgate have released a nifty little new trailer for.

Ever since I was brought to see the first Saw, and was absolutely blown away by it, I’ve been sucked into Jigsaw’s world and have waited anxiously for each installment to see what twists and turns the story takes, and how much sicker Jigsaw’s traps get. Now, while I am a fan of gore in horror movies, it wasn’t the promise of blood and guts that drew me to the original Saw; I had no idea what Saw was about when a friend suggested I go see it. It was the way the story unfolded and kept me glued to the screen with it’s constant snaking between stories and tieing the loose ends up before arriving at it’s “oh my fucking god!” ending.

Jigsaw himself was another reason that I was completely absorbed in the Saw universe. As a kid, I had always loved the killer’s in horror movies; Pinhead, Freddy, Jason, Micheal, I loved them all! But they had become very cartoony and drained of any hint of the darkness and evil that had made them scary in the first place by the time I had reached my teens. Slasher movies had also eliminated the “horror bad guy” that I adored as a youth.

Jigsaw changed all that. Here was a cold,intelligent, realistic “killer” who could easily be found in the real world, who remained terrifying even though he never actually kills any body. Tobin Bell did a great job in each and every Saw of bringing Jigsaw to life and always dominated the screen and commanded the watchers attention when he came on. His presence is terrifying and everybody listens when he speaks, like a preacher addressing a congregation (which I know is meant to be the idea!) Jigsaw is truly the heir to the horror icons of the 80’s and , in my mind, was the reason the studios decided to make Freddy, Jason et all scary again.

As the series progressed, the focus did switch from focusing on telling a story to how much more twisted and disgusting the traps and deaths could become, which didn’t bother me too much, as all the traps and gore tied in nicely with the story. I also loved the continuity of the story and the fact that in order to understand what was going on, you had to have watched, and watched closely, the previous installments. Saw 2,3 and 4, while never reaching the heights of the original, where all clever, entertaining sequels that built succesfull on the first Saw and expanded the Saw universe to one of the the most intriguing in horror.

Saw 5 was shite. I don’t know what they were trying to do with this installment but it didn’t nothing for me. Not only where the lead characters almost indistinguishable from each other at times as they look so similar (whoever cast those two together should be shot!) and the fifth installment did nothing to broaden the Saw story,in my opinion.

Saw 6 more than made up for Saw 5 and is my second favorite of the Saw films (after the original and best). The characters were realistic, the story was broadened yet helped tie up a few loose ends, the traps were clever and brutal and the story fit in with real world events. It was a great film that I would have been happy to see close the Saw franchise.It wasn’t

This Halloween, Saw 7 is being touted as the final chapter in Jigsaw’s story. Do I hope that it is?Yes. Do I believe it is?hell no. As long as the Saw movies make money, Lionsgate are gonna make them; they’d be fools not too. Am I excited about Saw 7?Yes, very. As a fan, I can’t wait to see if they really do tie up the lose ends and clear everything up; I need closure on the series! I’m also very excited about Dr. Gordon being thrown back into the mix,a key character in the Saw universe we haven’t seen in a while.However, I must admit that the 3D aspect of the movie means nothing to me. I see 3D as a shitty gimmick that only distracts the audience from a poor story. I’m hoping this won’t be the case with Saw 7 and that the 3D will only be used for some cool death scenes, but I won’t hold my breath.

The new trailer for Saw 7 has me both excited and a little worried, for the reason stated in the last paragraph; it promises to clear everything up yet it also places a huge emphasis on the 3D aspect of the film. At least we only have a little over a month to find out what happens but rest assures, no matter how Saw 7 turns out, the series will always have a fond place in my heart for reviving horror cinema…..and if it’s shit i’ll be complaining about it here!


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