Obituary Bassist Update

Posted: September 17, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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Yesterday, we spoke with the legendary, and very cool, Obituary vocalist John Tardy about their summer touring in Europe, their new album and his new social network project U-nation.

Since that interview, there has been alot of talk about Obituary bassist Frank Watkins and his status in the band. In order to find out the true story, I e-mailed John to get an update on the situation:

John, I was just wondering, could you please give us an update/statement on the departure of Frank Watkins and his replacement, Terry Butler?
John Tardy:”Frank is no longer in the band and Terry Butler will be doing all the shows that he can with us. Right now we are happy with that and if Terry’s schedule does not allow him to play with us we can always lean on Stever DiGiorgio or Kenny Andrews.”

So that clears that up; Frank is no longer in the band. This is a sad story to hear as Frank has been with the band for 21 years. I’m sure there are perfectly good reasons for the split and I hope Frank and Obituary continue to enjoy success in the future.

Also, U-nation, the social network site that John Tardy is working on looks to be a very cool project and if you want to be on e of the first to hop on board, visit U-nation.


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