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Posted: September 17, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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Singaporean grinders Wormrot have been causing quite a stir in the underground metal scene. Since they were discovered by Digby Pearson of Earache records when he heard their track “Born Stupid” on the Invisible Oranges blog and decided to sign them to Earache records and re-issued their debut album “Abuse”, which has been well received by critics and fans alike.

I had an opportunity to speak to speak with the guys, as they were in the middle of their U.S tour about touring, getting picked up Earache, how they’ve brought attention to the Singaporean metal scene, serving in the national service in Singapore and other topics. Enjoy!

)Hey guys, how are you?
We’re doing mighty fine man, thanks for asking.

Your in the middle of a U.S Tour at the moment. How is life on the road?
We’re having a blast in the US. Responses are amazing. Yes we are on tour as we speak. Life on the road seems pretty cool. We have our own “Road Warrior”/Tour manager doing a great great job on handling contacts, organisers and whatnots. Mad props to him!

This tour is one of the first times many fans will get to see you guys live. How has fan reaction been?
It is also our first time ever touring the states and it has been pretty awesome. We met new and old friends along the way and nothing can beat that shit!. US grinders are freaks. We’re just finished a show in Denver Colorado and its a major grind galore! total chaos. Probably one of the many kickass shows we did so far. Pictures and vids will be uploaded soon once we have the chance.

You also just completed a tour in the U.K and Europe. How was that?

Well, the UK was amazing as well. Everything went smooth and the responses were great!. Meeting up with the peeps from Earache etc. Good times. We had a few hiccups on the Europe tour this year though. But it’s all been done and the do’s and dont’s will forever sink in our heads. All in all we learned alot during the Europe tour. It’s all good and can’t wait to be back in Europe again and hopefully a well planned Europe tour maybe next year? we’ll see.

How do the fans in the U.S and Europe compare to fans back home in Singapore?
Honestly speaking, Singapore fans wont be as massive and as fanatical fans as the grinders from the US and Europe. There’s not much of a grind scene going on in Singapore in the first place and we are kinda being “alienated”. We played in Indie shows, metalcore shows, black metal shows etc. We dont really care much about the scene in Singapore but if we feel like playing, we will play. No big deal. But then again, we do have close friends supporting our shit through thick and thin and thats all that matters.

You guys have done a lot to get recognition for the Singapore metal scene and grind in particluar. Other local bands must almost see you guys as heroes now. How does that feel?
We definitely have done alot amongsts ourselves. I’m really not sure what we have done to the Singapore “Metal” scene though. haha. We dont see ourselves as heroes or whatever. We are just being thankful to the right people that have been supporting us since day 1. You know who you are. We’re just like any other bands that love fucking grind! and thats it! But thank you to those who sees us as heroes, it feels awkward to say that, haha!

“Abuse” is a great album and has been really well received over here. You guys must be thrilled with its success?
Abuse has been doing pretty fucking great lately. Although it has been out almost 2 years ago, it’s still going strong. We can’t thank the grinders enough for supporting and spreading the album all over the world. Really does means alot to us, especially for a debut release. (We’re feeling)Pressurized on the new one,haha!

How did it feel when you got the phone call from Digby Pearson at Earache records?
Phone call? Don’t think so man, haha! It was a message sent by him in myspace. We’ve never thought that he would directly message us and that point of time we were looking for a label. and BAM! there you go. Everything after that goes with the flow and its doing awesome till this very day.

How is the metal/grind scene in Singapore? Any bands in particular we should look out for?
There’s definitely something going on in Singapore in terms of “scene”. Not much of grind going on but there are tons of Deathcore, death, black metal etc. There are killer bands over in our country. Asilent, Demisor, Magnicide, Analdicktion, Hen, Bombarde, Secret Seven, Flesh Disgorged to name a few.

When your touring away from Singapore, what do you miss most about home? Also, is there anything in the U.S and Europe that you must have when you visit.
I MISS MY HOME COOK MEALS ALREADY! hahah!! Of course Family and friends. And my goddamn PS3 which i just bought. I got to use it for like a day and then off for the tour already, haha! A must have in the US and Europe? CIGGARETTES!!

How was your time in the National Service?

What got you guys interested in Grindcore?
It’s all about having fun with grooves and the pleasure to play as fast as you fucking can man. Grindcore is the best solution to destress yourselves from the shithole we call home. Not to mention the struggles we had in our own country and put it in our songs. Typical grindcore is the way to go. It just suits us and our lifestyle. no fucking boundaries, lets fucking go!

Any updates on your next album?
We are currently done with a few tracks for the new album. We’ll be extremely busy after the US tour and head back to the rehearsal room for the next album. So yeah, keep intouch on our myspace, facebook whatever. We will update you grinders with some news with the next album most definitely.

Any chance that we will see you guys come and visit Ireland again in the near future?
As I recall, Ireland was awesome. Another show? Hell yeah brother.

For a list of Wormrot’s remaining U.S tour dates and to keep up to date with the guys, check out the Wormrot’s MySpace

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