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Posted: September 24, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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It really is a great time to be a metal fan. Not only are all the classic, heavyweight acts such as Slayer and Megadeth going stronger than ever but there is a whole host of exciting young bands looking to establish themselves as the next big thing.

One of band who are causing quite the sir are Ohio based blackened thrashers, Skeletonwitch. Their last album “Breathing The Fire” was released to a great reception and earned the guys a spot on this summer’s Ozzfest trek.

I had a chance to speak with guitarist Scott Hedricks about their Ozzfest run, touring and plans for their new album. Here’s our chat:

Hey Scott. How has your European tour been going?
The European tour was killer! It’s always great to mix it up with the European metal heads and eat more fish and chips than any human being should. Warbringer and Angelus Apatrida were fun as hell to tour with. Having a great group of people makes everything smoother, and a lot more fun.

You guys also played Ozzfest this summer. How was it?
Fucking awesome!! We got to share the stage with Ozzy and Rob Halford!!! They helped define and create the entire genre of Heavy Metal!! It’s hard to have a bad time when you’re doing that, and doing it in front of so many metal maniacs. The entire experience was even better because we had our good friends Goatwhore and Saviours along as well.

I would think tha All this touring must really catch up on you. But now your going doing another US tour!You guys must really love the road!
We live for the road!! I can never understand it when other bands complain about touring! The absolute worst day on tour is 1,000 times better then best day at some shit factory or office job or whatever… We’re lucky to be able to tour so much.

This is going to be a headlining tour. Does that put extra pressure on you guys?
No. If you go 100% balls-out every time, then you have nothing to worry about. You’ve done all you can.

Whats been the highlight of touring so far?
That’s a tough one! My most recent highlight was meeting The Metal God, Rob Halford, at Ozzfest. Priest is one of my all-time favorite metal bands.

Whats bands that you’ve played with this summer have caught your attention?
We were already familiar with most of the bands we played with, to be honest. But there’s a band from Norway, called Kvelertak, that’s kicking my ass pretty hard right now.

Did you get to hang with Ozzy at Ozzfest?
Unfortunately not. I did briefly meet Sharon though, and she couldn’t have been nicer, which was cool.

“Breathing the Fire” was released to some great reviews. You guys must have been delighted with the response!
Absolutely! You never know how people are going to respond when you put something out there. At the end of the day as long as we’re happy with the result it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. But it’s nice to get positive feedback.

You guys have had songs in the videogames Rock Band and Brutal legend. Are you guys big gamers?
Not really. I basically traded video games for music when I was a teenager. Our drummer, Mullet Chad, used to be a HUGE gamer though. At one point we actually made him delete certain games from his computer because he wouldn’t stop fucking playing them and practice his drums. Hahaha!

Any news on a new album? Have you guys started writing?
Right now we have a 5 week break in the action between Europe and the headlining tour. We’re trying to get most or all of the next record written during this time. Depending on how that goes we’ll schedule some studio time. The producer, studio, time frame, etc… are still up in the air. The biggest focus is forging some new metal!

I must say, there are some great beards in the band…kudos!Any beard growing/grooming tips before we finish up?
Hahaha! You’re talking one of the two guys that don’t have one! But I think Nate’s grooming tip would be: “Don’t do it! Leave that shit alone” He’s always telling Mullet Chad to stop trimming his beard and just let it do it’s thing.

When you guys come back to Europe, any plans on coming over the good ol Ireland?
The next time we head over will probably be for next year’s festival season. Any badass festivals in Ireland that we can play???

Not at the moment but we’d love to bring you guys over. Thanks for your time Scott!

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