Botchamania Interview

Posted: September 27, 2010 by Flashbox in Wrestling

If your a wrestling fan, I’m going to presume you’ve stumbled across or at least heard of Botchamania. if not….why the hell not!

Botchamania brings together clips of the funny side of wrestling;mostly, the often unintendedly funny side where things don’t go the way there meant to. I got a chance to speak with Botchamania creator Maffew and hear about his love of wrestling, why he makes the Botchamania videos and how wrestlers have reacted to them. Enjoy!

Hey maffew, How are you?
I can’t complain. How are you?

I’m great, thanks.So, how’s it feel to be an interbet sensation then?
It’s pleasant, but it only ever occurs when I’m online and even then not every wrestling fan or community knows/likes it. I’m a normal person when off my laptop, so until people start asking for my autograph it’s just a nice self-esteem boost.

What made you start creating the Botchamania videos?
Long story short (because I get asked this in every interview), people were making botch videos on YouTube that were, quite frankly, awful. I thought “I could make a better video than this!” and decided to actually make one to prove it. I only intended to make one, but because I had so many clips not used in the first video and the five people who saw Botchamania 4 and commented seemed to like it, so I made another. Then people started to send me clips and I started to credit/thank them, which inspired others to do the same and so on and so forth. The incorrect assumption is that Botchamania was an instant hit, so when people ask me “How do I get fame through wrestling music videos?” I tell them it’s not you that makes them famous, it’s the people who watch them, so make sure they’re good enough to be seen first.

How long does it take to put together a Botchamania video?
I don’t want to think about that answer. I try and watch as much wrestling as I can (within reason) and make notes if there’s anything worth including in the videos. Then I’ll edit one part on one day, another the next and then put them all together on a Wednesday/Thursday. That’s why the Botchamanias are so segment based now, it fits around my schedule a lot easier.

Are most of the botch’s found by you or are more and more contributed by fans?
I’d say it was 70/30 fans/me. I don’t watch WWE, so they save me a hell of a lot of time by watching Raw, NXT, SmackDown!, Superstars so I don’t have to watch that dumbed-down, generic hogwash.

Have you had any contact from angry wrestlers?
Only once. Wrestler A (I forget their names) sentme a match he was in wherein Wrestler B messed up a lionsault three times. Wrestler B (unbeknownst to me) had his own YouTube channel and was less than thrilled when he saw himself in Botchamania. He threatened lawsuits and basically oversold the ‘damage’ being in Botchamania would do to his ‘career’. I removed the footage and re-edited the Botchamania so everything was dandy. There wouldn’t have been much he could do with regards to lawsuits, but it’s better to keep people happy than it is to upset them. I think the fanbase was more annoyed than when I removed it then he was about being in it. To be honest it’s much weirder when wrestlers such as Monsta Mack and Sonjay Dutt send complimentary messages then no-names threatening lawsuits.

When did you get interested in wrestling?
When my Mum bought me the WWF Annual 1993 and 1994. I was a fan of Bam Bam, Repo Man and Bret Hart without having seen them wrestle. It wasn’t until we got Sky One, which showed censored broadcasts of SmackDown, Superstars and Metal, that I was able to watch it properly. This was in late 1999 and one of the first things I saw was the recap of the IT’S ME AUSTIN, IT WAS ME ALL ALONG AUSTIN saga, which just made me an even bigger fan. “This is even better than the annuals!”

What promotions do you watch?
TNA. When it’s good, it’s fun to watch (the wrestling) and when it’s bad you can at least laugh at it (the booking that is). Also Dragon Gate USA, for the eye-candy, and CZW because it annoys people when I tell them I still watch it.

Has being the creator of botchamania brought any cool benefits?
The recognition on websites I’ve never been on and magazines I don’t read is great, because I’m positively useless at hyping and promoting Botchamania, so it means people are finding it themselves and doing it because they want to and not because I’ve e-mailed them saying HEY CAN YOU PLEASE FEATURE ME THANKS. I’ve been invited to MAGfest 2011, which is the only time I’ve tried to get something with my small fame.

Who’s your favorite wrestler?
Of all time? Mick Foley. At the minute? I can’t pick just one, so I’ll ignore your question and list some random favourites: BxB Hulk, Brian Kendrick, Jimmy Jacobs, John Moxley (when not doing death matches), Christopher Daniels, Sonjay Dutt, The Miz, Tracey Smothers.

And who’s your favorite wrestler to see botch? There must be someone you love to catch!
I’d like to point out that I don’t watch wrestling specifically to watch people mess up. If so, that’d be a stunningly depressing hobby to have. Having said that, I despise ‘spot-fests’ when done wrong. The type of matches where you have to suspend your disbelief so much that you’re not watching the match to see who will win, you’re watching it just to see the movezz. (for example, ladder matches where they climb up the ladder nowhere the near the belt/case just so they can do movezz). So I’ll go with Jack Evans, as he’s the most well known so he can be the poster boy for this gripe. Any time something happens and you ask yourself “Would Harley Race do that?” and the answer’s “no”, basically.

Any other projects planned for the future? is up and mostly working, which gives me ample opportunity to try lots of things. The main problem is getting the balance right between doing something new because I think people will like it or at least get some enjoyment out of it (which is the whole point of Botchamania) and doing something because I’d like it. Getting the balance is important, or else I’d just be wasting mine and other people’s time.

Thanks Maffew!

For more on Botchamania, check out Below is a sample of Botchamania for your viewing pleasure.


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