Dawn Of Ashes Interview

Posted: September 30, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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I love it when you get the urge to check out new music. I mean, you always will have certain albums and songs that your always going to keep on your mp3 player but every so often it’s nice to go and update with some new music to sing your teeth into.

It also usually means that your going to go and check out all those bands your friends can’t believe you’ve never heard of. Usually, you friends overhype most bands but on this occasion they had unearthed an awesome beast. That beast was Dawn Of Ashes.

THAT’S FUCKING HEAVY! was my inital reaction when I heard their latest release “Genocide Chapters”. Suitably impressed with their death/deathcore aural assault, I felt it would be cool to talk with the dudes before they embark on their US tour with Dimmu Borgir and Enslaved. Here’s my chat with “screamer” and keyboardist Kristof Bathory. Enjoy!

Hey Kristof.You’re about to embark on a pretty mammoth US tour with Dimmu Borgir and Enslaved. You guys must be pumped!
We are ready to set the path aflame and show the masses how to really shed some blood. It will be a very violent event.

Your debut release on Metal Blade, Genocide Chapters, was released to a great reception. That must have been a great feeling.
I think the album was created with the right intentions, and that we have the right resources on our side. We are very pleased with the results.

Do you think Genocide Chapters is proof that hard work and relentless touring pay off?
This album shows the band’s true nature, and indeed, it will pay off.

You guys formed in 2001 but didn’t reach a major label until 2009. Was there any time where you guys maybe thought you wouldn’t make it?
There is never a time to contemplate defeat, and in any event we have too much pride to ever think that way. DAWN OF ASHES is a scar that will never fade, and as time progresses that wound will only reopen and become even more infected…

I’m guessing the member changes also affected your ability to progress?
Progression is DOA’s greatest strength, and it is our will to succeed and to conquer the path we have chosen which amplifies that power. We will cripple anything or anyone that tries to stand in the way of our evolution.

What are you favorite tracks on Genocide Chapters?
Ask the fans this question, it’s irrelevant what I think.

You guys started off playing MRE industrial music but moved into extreme metal. Was this a natural progression?
The older material was simply the initial stage of our ever-evolving development- it was inevitable that it would soon grow and mutate into something even more powerful and vicious. Again, I mentioned that progression is the main element that powers DAWN OF ASHES, so just consider this an unholy sign of things to come.

What’s next for DAWN OF ASHES?
This is just the beginning of the revelation of our new flesh- soon even more chaotic sounds and visions created by the infernal blood of our own hatred will be unleashed upon humanity. There is MUCH more to come, and that is all I will reveal…

Finally, any plans to come to Europe in the new year? Ireland maybe?
There is no doubt about it…

For more on Dawn of Ashes and a full list of cities their tour with Ensalvd and Dimmu Borgir will hit, check out the official Dawn Of Ashes MySpace


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