Superfuzz Big Muff Returns!!!

Posted: October 5, 2010 by mudhoney182 in Gig, Live, Mudhoney

Sorry for the delay in corresponding but there was a mix up between myself and Flashbox. We have decided to only post during weekdays as it takes the relentless pressure of entertaining off us for two days and also allows us to get work done during the weekend to keep up the high standards you expect from us.

Now to the business at hand. Last Thursday I got to see my namesakes live. That’s right I went to see Mudhoney and let me tell you it was well worth the years of waiting for them to tour this isle. The whole experience nearly didn’t happen but I did manage to buy the last ticket before they sold out. Though the band didn’t appear on stage till 11.45pm they immediately launched into ‘The Money Will Roll Right In’ and didn’t let up the whole set. Mark Arm stalked the stage like Iggy Pop’s drugged love child and Steve Turner was the epitome of cool as every sloppy note fell in like the pieces of a seedy jigsaw. Surprisingly newer material such as ‘The Lucky Ones’ held up just as well as classics such as ‘Suck You Dry’ and fitted seamlessly into the set. The fact I was but a mere few feet from my teenage heroes, coupled with being able to say hello to Mark Arm himself, would be enough to make this a great gig but their performance was phenomenal. They are the most rock ‘n’ roll band I have seen and I mean rock ’n’ roll in the least egotistical way. They were loud, fuzzy, scuzzy and grimy. They had the comfortable stage presence that only years of honing can achieve and a woozy, drugged feel to every note they played despite them [at least in appearance] being sober. Added that the music is hard blues played with a hardcore punk attitude it all equalled an amazing gig. There was not one single song they left out that I wanted played and the set list ran like a greatest hits. When they played ‘Touch Me, I’m Sick’ mid set I was wary that they had peaked too early but my foolishness was not punished as they still had songs like ‘Hate the Police’ and ‘Here Comes Sickness’ in reserve. When they finally finished there was not an unsatisfied soul left in the joint. I immediately retreated to the bar to buy a hoody and was on my way wearing a well earned stupid, satisfied smile.

If this sounds like a congratulatory article written by a blinkered fan-boy then you would have a case as I’m the first to admit I’m biased to these grunge God’s. They formed in 1988, the year of my birth, but that night it felt like the heyday of the 1990’s. The fact I got to see a band on my ‘Must See’ list is special but it is made so much more special as this was not some money making exercise by has-been wannabies…even if it was I wouldn’t know as I’m a blinkered fan-boy.


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