Bonded By Blood Interview

Posted: October 7, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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With their newest album “Exiled to Earth”, thrash metallers Bonded by Blood tell the tale of the human race fighting against an alien race called the Crong in order to save the earth from being taken over by the alien race and having humanity enslaved….pretty fucking metal huh!

Exiled to Earth is a huge leap in maturity and songwriting for the young thrashers and shows that these fun loving guys are also capable of holding their own with the best of the thrash revival bands. I had the opportunity to speak with guitarist Juan Juarez about the album and the bands new found maturity.

Hey guys, hows it going?
Hey it’s going pretty well, been on the road for a few days now with Early Man and Evile, which has been great!

Exiled to Earth has been getting some great reviews since it came out. You guys must be thrilled!
Yeah definitely! Really exiting to hear that our album has been accepted well. We will continue to play and write music regardless of people dig it or not because we just love music but it definitely means a lot to us to hear people really enjoy what is it we are doing and expect to keep hearing from us.

Exiled To Earth is a concept album about humans fighting aliens (The Crong) for the Earth. What made you guys decide to do a concept album?
The whole idea came about towards the ending of the writing process. Our singer is really into alien stuff, Jerry and I wanted to incorporate “conspiracy theories” so people call it into the lyrics of the album. As soon as Jerry and Jose began writing lyrics, ideas began taking place. We never really actually talked about making this album a concept album it kinda just happened as things progressed. “Exiled”… is the end result.

I imagine writing a concept album can be quite hard and frustrating at times. What were the main challenges you faced during writing, recording?
Well the album was never planned to be a concept album, but it wasn’t too frustrating, just a bit frustrating because of limited time but other than that it wasn’t too bad.

You released a comic strip of the story of Exiled to Earth to help promote its release, which was a very cool idea. Any chance that you guys would ever release a full length comic strip?
Only time will tell…

Is there any plans to continue the story into the next album?
No, there is no plans at the moment. When it comes to writing an album we don’t think too far ahead when it comes to the story or lyric ideas for the album. We tend to write about what we feel we want to talk about at that moment in time. Musicwise we try to improve as musicians and always try to bring something new to the table. I feel that it’s important that bands or musicians write whatever it is they feel they have to write not because people expect it to sound a certain way. It’s important to
have always have an open mind to new ideas. 😀

Definately. Has the fact that you guys know have a narrative running through songs from the new album affected your live show?
No, it doesn’t at all.

One of the main compliments being said about “Exiled to Earth” is that it shows a new sense of maturity in the band. Was this something you wanted to do?
Yes actually. “Feed The Beast” was a cool album but we felt maturity is very important in music but to still kept that vibe from “Feed The Beast”.

We here at the Tomb are huge sci-fi and horror fans, as you guys obviously are. What are your favorite sci-fi/horror films?

Great choice!With “Exiled to Earth” being a concept album, will the videos you guys release make up a sort of mini movie?
Yes, our new music video for “Prototype: Death Machine”, which was directed by Dave Vorhes. Check it out out on youtube. 🙂

It would be really cool if you guys did a youtube contest where fans could create a film based on the album!
Sounds like a great idea. (It)Would be cool to see some films of our album!

Finally Juan, any chance you’ll be heading to Ireland soon?
Hopefully next year we’ll be back out in the UK and Europe. We still have not played Ireland which would be great. Maybe some shows with Gama Bomb out there… 😀

That would be awesome! Hopefully someone will mak it happen!Thanks for your time guys!

For all the latest from Bonded By Blood, please check out Bonded By Blood’s MySpace


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