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Posted: October 8, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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I’m sure I can’t be the only person that gets excited when he hears about band memebers from different bands coming together and forming “supergroups” (the Roadrunner United project had me hard for months!). I mean, it’s a chance to see “what could be” and allows bands to mash their unique points together to create something cool.

So when I learned that current Visceral Bleeding and ex Prostitute Disfigurement guitarist Benny, Enthroned vocalist Nornagest, Abhorrence and Tombe guitarist Sebastian, Enthroned and Emptiness bass player Phorgath and Gorgoroth drummer Dani”Garghuf”Robnik were working together on a new project called Unlocked, I was pretty excited. After checking out the 3 songs they posted on their MySpace I was even more pumped; the songs were kick ass! Twisting, tremolo picked riffs accompanied by thundering double kick and blistering guitar leads(provided by Peter Huss of Shining, ex-Sinergy) and growling that would scare the devil himself!

My attention suitably grabbed, I contacted guitarist Benny to talk more about the project.

Hey Benny. How are you?
Doing fine. Not too drunk….

So whats it feel to be part of a “Supergroup” then?
Well I don’t feel like (I’m in) a supergroup! haha but all the members are indeed well known in the metal scene. So you can call it whatever you want.In the end we’re all a bunch of idiots who are trying, between all the drunkeness, to write some insane, uninspired death metal.

How did you guys all come together?
I had this idea about a new project for a few years. After i talked with Dani about it he really got interested in playing the drums for this project. Sebas (guitar) is a good friend of Jeremy (bass) and talked him over to take care of the bass. At that moment we were also looking for the right guy on vocals. And there was Regis (vocals), in the same pub as us! We talked about what the project is about and he really understands the thought behind the music. So the idea of making an album with several musicians became Unlocked, with a damn good line up.

You guys are hard at work recording at the moment. Hows it going?
It’s going great! I’m very satisfied with the result so far. In the studio we can give finally give Unlocked its identity.
We’re recording in the Jeremy’s studio (Blackout Multimedia Studio) and it’s really cool to see how all the ideas come together. Prepare for a mix of true death metal with a sick twist of black!

The three tracks released on your MySpace are awesome!Any particular reason for releasing these particular tracks or are they just the completed one?
No particular reason. Just to give you an idea about Unlocked.

You guys also managed to get Peter Huss on the album. How did that come about?
Peter is a good friend of us and an amazing guitar player. His solos shred like hell and that’s exactly what we needed.

After the album is released, is there plans for a tour?
Not yet. We’ve to see if that’s possible with the schedule of all the other bands/ work of course.

How do the guys in your other bands feel about this project?
They are perfect with it. No problems at all.

It must be hard juggling so many projects?Or do you enjoy the busy schedule?
Yeah I really like the busy schedule. At the moment we’re recording the debut album for Unlocked and with Visceral bleeding we’re in writing mode. So expect an album for 2011.
Enthroned is also working on their World Tour at the moment. Besides that we’re all working in the music business as soundenigeers and graphic designers.

Is there plans for this band beyond the debut release?
At the moment it’s really hard to say, but for one thing I can tell you for sure is that there will be a second album from Unlocked! And of course we will promote the album with live shows.

Thats great news, as the debut album is shaping up to be a must buy!Thanks for your time Benny!

For all the latest on Unlocked, check out their MySpace


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