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Posted: October 12, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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Malevolent Creation are, for those of you who don’t know, one of the heavyweights of the Florida Death metal scene that have survived numerous member changes and continue to release crushing, heavy as fuck albums. Malevolent Creations latest release “Invidious Dominion” was a brutal return to form for the band who just can’t be kept down. I had a chance to chat with drummer Gus Rios about Invidious Dominion, the bands longevity, member changes and other topics. Enjoy!

Hey guys, hows it going?
Going good man, thanks!

Invidious Dominion got a great reception on its release. You guys must
have been thrilled?

Yeah, we’re real proud of that actually! We worked hard on this album…on all ends. We wanted to write brutal, short, and catchy songs…have good artwork, good packaging, etc. We needed to make a statement with this album and elevate the band to the level that it should be at. You’re only as good as your last release.

Invidious Dominion was your 11th studio album and shows no sign of you
guys mellowing out. How do you guys stay so pissed off for so many years?!

We live in the US!!! There’s a lot to be angry about these days. Of course there’s a lot to be grateful for as well, but this country is being run into the ground! We’re all pretty chill guys really, but when we get into writing mode, it’s very easy for us to go to that evil place in our hearts and write the most hateful and INVIDIOUS music we can! I can always turn on the news and find a ton of shit to get pissed about! That’s life…

After so many albums, does the whole process of writing and recording
seem as exciting as in the early years?

I’ve been writing with Phil since 1997 and it’s always been an exciting process for us. We’ve been doing it pretty much the same way since then too, just these days I use a computer to make demos instead of a tape machine! And it never gets old hearing a song progress from a demo version to the album version. Also working with Erik Rutan this time around made for an exceptionally killer recording experience. That guy is the best!

Many of metals modern giants, including Slipknot, name drop Malevolent Creation
as a major influence. How does it feel to be seen a a legendary death
metal band now?

For me it’s especially cool. I’ve been a fan (of Malevolent Creation) since I heard their demo back in 1990! I’ve always respected the band and their contribution to the genre. That’s why when we play live, I always try and play the older songs with the original feel and vibe, out of respect. To me Malev belongs in the Florida death metal hall of fame. If anything, they’re the ONE band who never gave up or called it quits, regardless of all the struggles!

Malevolent Creation have been around for over 20 years. That’s an amazing
achievement. What do you think has been the key to the bands longevity and success?

Phil’s resilience man! He’s, many times, single handedly kept the band alive. And of course the LOYAL fans who have stuck by the band…a band that have never let anyone down. You can say what you want about this band, but MC has never put out record that let the fans down. Whether or not you liked the new members, new album, etc…the music was ALWAYS brutal. That can never be taken from this band.

The band has had numerous member changes over the years. Numerous
member changes seem to be a trend in many extreme metal bands (Slayer
being the exception). Why do you think this is? Is it because the
extremity of the music being played toys or the personalities involved?

Plain and simply…being in band is tough! Ask any touring musician. Life on the road is not easy for a lot of bands. You’re spending days and months in each others faces. It’s easy to get aggravated or annoyed. Imagine having 4 girlfriends! ha! Another factor, probably the more common one for extreme metal bands is the financial burden. We don’t make a ton of money playing an underground style of music. Having a family renders you almost incapable of this lifestyle. You have to really love what you do!

After 23 years in the business, whats left for Malevolent Creation to do?
We are bent on moving the band forward and upwards! We HAVE to better the band in every way. This is the strongest line up in years…the band is playing super tight and brutal live, getting along, and writing quality music. Our goal is to maintain this line up and tour our asses off and then do another album…and keep going until someone dies! ha!

Can we expect a follow up to Invidious Dominion?

You guys have just finished a trek across the US with Exodus. How was

Touring with one the greatest of all time…what else can you say? It was awesome! They were cool guys and they played great every night!

Europe is on the agenda next I’m guessing?
All summer long…2011!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your time guys!
Thank YOU Norman, we appreciate the support!

For all the latest Malevolent Creation news and tour dates, be sure to check out their MySpace

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