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Posted: October 14, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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One of our goals when we opened the Tomb was to help promote unsigned and new bands get their voice heard and have a platform to promote themselves from, especially bands from the Irish metal scene.

One band causing a bit of a stir at the moment are Valediction. I came across their track “Dead Zone” and was so impressed that I immediately contacted the band for this interview. Here’s my chat with singer Martin O Hanrahan. Enjoy!
Hey Martin, how are you?
Not too bad, at the moment we are getting ready to record the album in November.

How is work on the new album going?
Well we’ve picked 10 tracks to record for the album in early November. Pretty much all finalised now, just have to keep chugging away at the songs until we’re blue in the face! We’ve got extra layers we want to add to the album like synth, strings, choir, things like that. Hopefully people will be surprised at what the album will sound like. Because we do use synth it makes us sound a little different to a lot of other bands around Ireland. We will be recording in Trackmix Studios in Blanchardstown with studio engineer Mick at the helm. We recorded a demo track with Mick called Dead Zone and we’re very happy to work with him again. We can’t wait to record!
We took a break from gigging to focus on finishing the album and now we’re at a stage where the songs are all finished and just gotta press record.

You guys are also going to be supporting Diamond Head in Dublin. You must be excited?
Yes, (we were)very pleased when the news was confirmed, Diamond Head were such an important heavy metal band in England during the 80s, inspiring other bands like Metallica, Megadeth etc. We are really looking forward to hearing them. I (Martin) remember been about 16 years old blasting out the riffs to AM I EVIL on the guitar as loud as my little amp would go and reading stories about how Lars from Metallica, as a kid, would fly to England and crash in the bands house etc and now to be able share the stage with them is a dream come true. They’re really nice guys too and very easy to work with, very down to earth band with no big ego’s or anything like that. It will be a great experience and we can learn a lot from them.

You played with some big name bands. Who were your favorite to play with?
We’ve played with the likes of Thurisaz, Vreid when they came over. Cork’s Winterfest 2 years ago was a blast aswell, supporting great bands like Skyclad, Mourning Beloveth, Mass Extinction and Amon Amarth. Supporting Firewind in Whelans was brillant. More recently supporting Blaze Bayley was probably one of our favorite gigs. We where the first band on at 8.30pm and I remember us been very nervous about that, wondering would anyone bother coming that early and would the Blaze fans even like our style of Metal but we ended up playing to a big crowd who really got into the music and it was one if the best gigs we ever played.

What bands are you guys listening to at the moment?
Fear Factory’s ‘Mechanize’, Dark Tranquillity’s ‘We are the void’, Nevermore’s ‘The Obsidian Conspiracy’, But still love going back and listening to the Classics, Black Sabbath Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Dio etc.

Who would be your biggest influences?
We all have different tastes, our vocalist Martin would be into Children Of Bodom, Norther, a lot of the stuff coming out of Finland, our drummer Ryaner (Inflames, Iron Maiden) our bassist Kev (Katatonia, Dimmu Borgir), lead guitarist Huzy (Machine Head, Arch Enemy) and guitarist Foster (Iced Earth, Lamb Of God).

Is there any Irish metal bands that have really impressed you guys?
Old Season, Primordial, Slave Zero, Darkest Era all great Irish metal bands and really setting the standard.

What do you think of the state of the Irish metal scene?
It’s decent enough nowadays. It’s great to see the likes of Darkest Era getting signed, well deserved considering the hard work and effort they put in. We’ve always enjoying hearing live Decayor, Vile Regression, Serpentance, Black Swan and Na Damanta. We have worked with a few good Irish metal bands and it’s great to see bands helping eachother with gigs etc. The only problem with the Irish metal scene is the crowd turn out, some nights can be great we will pull in a few hundred to a gig easily then other nights you might only get 50 for some reason, ya never know how the night will turn out. But would feel Irish metal bands are getting better and the scene is growing stronger and stronger.

Thanks for your time Martin!

For all the latest news from Valediction and to see a list of tour dtaes, check out their MySpace


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