Weekly Wrap Up

Posted: October 16, 2010 by Flashbox in Uncategorized
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Friday’s in the Tomb are never the most productive days. Sleep untill lunch, eat Subway, spend hours online and watch t.v. and generally recover from the long, hard week of boozing and wasting time that is college. This Friday however, mi amigo Mudhoney182 is working overtime and is going to do our first face to face interview with a band! He’s going to meet the Architects and , on top of all that, is going to stick around for the show just to let you guys know what your all missing out on…what a swell guy!

Anyway, here’s what went down in the Tomb this week:

  • We had the honor of speaking with Gus Rios of death metal legends Malevolent Creation
  • We spoke with Sanford Parker of the unbelievably awesome Circle of Animals
  • We also had our first interview with an Irish metal band and shot the proverbial shit with Martin of Valediction

And thats all for this week folks. Have a great weekend!


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