Siege Of Limerick IV

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For anyone looking for some of the best organized and most fun metal gigs that generally cost peanuts (if that!), you should look no further than the “Metal After Mass” gigs that take place in Baker Place, Limerick, which are run by Bad Reputation Ireland. Having played at one of these gigs with my old band, I can tell you personally that these guys are some of the soundest, most helpful and dedicated metal heads I have met. they really have created something special with the “Metal After Mass” gigs and I can’t praise these guys enough.

One event in particular deserves special attention: The Siege of Limerick. Now onto Siege number 4, The Siege of Limerick brings together the top metal bands (of every sub-genre imaginable) in Ireland (and sometimes abroad as I found out!) together on two stage for an awesome day of boozing, moshing and general debauchery.

With possibly one of the strongest Siege line ups ever, with Overoth, Mael Mordha, Three Hour Ceasefire, Vile Regression and many more on the bill, Siege numero cuatro, which takes place next Sunday, October 24th at Baker Place, Limerick (and has free entry and beer promotions, as if you needed another reason to go!) promises to be the biggest and best yet. I managed to get a few words from Shane of Bad Reputation Ireland about what it takes to put on such a great day of metal and what his favorite Siege memories are:

Hey Shane. The Siege is only a week away. You must be pretty excited!
Ya the last week is mixed between looking forward to the event and fixing the last few loose ends. Sending the last few mails and handing out the last of the flyers.

You guys have a great line up this year. Congrats!
Cheers we always try and build it every year and just happy the bands are willing to work with us.

As the Siege has become better known and bigger every time, has it been easier to attract bigger name bands?
From the beginning, there has never been a huge problem with booking bigger bands outside of the problems in life (members on holidays, broken bones, recording, family life ).Most to all bands we have ever mailed have been up for joining the bill.

Do you guys have a criteria for what bands get to play the Siege?
We pick the bands mainly from bands we have dealt with on our Metal After Mass gigs (Held second Sunday at Baker Place) as it gives us a chance to work with them and see them live. After that we pick due to genres ,to have a big mix to have something for all the family.

What are the biggest difficulties in organizing the Siege?
Communication is the biggest difficulty in running the Siege. Just making sure everyone knows what is going on in all the different parts of organizing. We have never ran into something we weren’t able to handle with our great teams.

What have been your favorite memories of past Sieges?
Personaly, it was after the first Siege. The bar was a mess, the mosh pit had taken its toll on the floor like we have never seen before. It was a great feeling having pulled the whole event off

What bands are you guys most looking forward to seeing this year?
Its a long list, being fans of all the bands. I heard great stuff about Mael Mordha live but have managed to miss there last few shows. Five Will Die are a personal favourite and Wardog had a great set last year so (I’m)looking forward to them. I could probaby go on to reasons for all the bands, but I must say one everyone must see is local string masters Shardborne.

Have you guys ever considered bringing any international acts over to the Siege or must all the bands be Irish?
We brought over Misty Morning (Siege 2) and The Wounded Kings (Siege 3) with the help of Brigantia. We had an English act confirmed but they had to pull out due to issues with travel. We always look to bring over a band from outside the island as the Siege is a great excuse to bring bands over.

The next siege will be no. 5. Anything special in the works for it yet?
There always a wish list of bands we would like to have on the bill, nothing in the works just yet. We always sit down after the siege talk over where we think we can improve and start work on it again

Thanks for your time Shane and best of luck with the Siege!

For more information on the Siege of Limerick 4 and all the latest news and gig dates from Bad Reputation Ireland, be sure to head on over to their MySpace or their Facebook


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