Carpenter and Russell: The Dream Team

Posted: October 21, 2010 by Flashbox in Movies
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While watching “The Thing” for like the 10,000th time last night, a thought burst into my head; How come no-one ever talks how awesome John Carpenter and Kurt Russell are when they work together?

We’re always hearing about Johnny Depp and Tim Burton’s weird and wonderful projects (which have started to run out of ideas I must say) and Scorsese and Di Caprio’s undeniably brilliant collaborations but rarely, if ever, do you ever hear about the cult classics that Russell and Carpenter have made over the years.

The Thing, Escape From New York and Big Trouble in Little China are all cult classics and need to be seen by all sci-fi and horror fans. The Thing in particular is an incredible film that is genuinely scary and nerve shredding, especially the scene where they are burning the blood to see which one of them is the Thing.

Carpenter and Russell just seem to get each other. Kurt always seems to get Carpenter’s down characters to a tee and perfectly brings them to life on the screen. I imagine that Carpenter probably already has actors in mind when he’s coming up with characters, but its still amazing to see Kurt portray them so effectively.

In Escape From New York and its not so great sequel Escape From L.A., Carpenter and Russell created the anti-hero Snake Pliskin (the model for Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid I do believe!) and Escape From New York is a prime example of how to pull off a thrilling, almost post apocalyptic sci fi film which is fun, brainless and undeniably awesome!

So when you guys here people talking about other great director/actor/actress combos out there, stand up for these guys and give them the credit they deserve!


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