Buried Review

Posted: October 25, 2010 by Flashbox in Movies
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When I first heard about Ryan Reynolds latest film “Buried”, I was pretty interested to say the least. The plot was simple: Ryan Reynolds wakes up, buried alive inside a coffin, having no idea how he got there. The story seemed kind of interesting, if a little lackluster, but it was the fact that the entire film would be shot inside the wooden coffin that grabbed my attention. How would Spanish director Rodrigo Cortes keep the viewers attention for 90 mins if the film never left the confines of the coffin? By creating a captivating, claustraphobic and at times nerve shredding thriller, thats how.

“Buried” is without doubt one of the most ambitious films of the last few years. Many would tremeble at the very thought of making a movie that was shot entirely in one space, especially in one as uncomfortable and tight as a wooden coffin. However, Cortes uses the enclosed, suffocating setting to grab the audience’s attention and uses brilliant lighting and coloring techniques to keep the coffin looking new and eerie as the film moves along. The combination of light changes and the constant changing of camera angle (which at times evokes feelings of nausea due to rapid cuts and swirling shots) makes the viewer forget that the film never leaves the coffin.

Ryan Reynolds does an outstanding job in the lead role as Paul Conroy. He masterfully conveys the panic and terror that would swallow anyone found in his panic and his facial expressions are excellent throughout. Reynolds is the only actor seen on screen in the film and , in my opinion, is the only one needed, so effective is his portrayal of a man in such despair and panic.

“Buried” is an incredible film that is truly original and stands out from all the remakes and sequels that have flooded our screens recently. If you are a fan of tense, nail biting thrillers, “Buried is definitely for you. If your claustrophobic…avoid “Buried” at all costs!

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