Shitty news alert:”The Ocean” Robbed In Spain

Posted: October 25, 2010 by Flashbox in Music

In what is a pretty shitty piece of news to hear, “The Ocean” have been robbed while driving near Madrid during their Current European tour. The band have released the following statement about the robbing:

“Two guys in a black BMW pulled us over with fake police IDs. They asked for our van papers and IDs and wanted to know if we had any money to declare. We were not skeptical at this point, as it is normal in Europe that you have to declare larger amounts of money when you’re crossing borders, so we told them we had merch money with us, and the guy wanted to see it. When we showed them the merch wallet, the guy reached through the open window, seized it and ran back to the BMW in front of us, where his colleague was waiting with the engine running. Unfortunately our van and trailer don’t match the speed of a BMW, but fortunately it’s not allowed to carry guns in Europe, as otherwise we would be in jail now for shooting the guy in the face.

“We are facing a loss of + 6000 euro of merch income of the last days and fees. The exact amount is still to be determined. As some of you may or may not know, conditions on support tours are usually grim. Fees are low and barely cover expenses for van, gas, highway tolls, ferries etc. There is no accommodation arrangements, we’ve been crashing out on people’s floors for weeks. Losing more than 6000 euro is something we simply cannot afford at this point.

We are asking everyone who is planning to order Anthropocentric in the next few weeks through our shop to help out. You can do so by donating 5 Euro when you place your order. All income generated through this will make the loss smaller for us.

Everyone who donates 5 Euro will receive a copy of the police report and a Thank You card signed by all band members. We would like to thank you in advance for your support!”

6000 yoyo’s is a lot of money, particularly when you earn your wages by playing metal. Therefore, I have no problem contributing an extra 5 dollars to help the guys out, especially since “Anthropocentric” is such an awesome album. However, I do feel that the guys would be better off asking for whatever fans can spare, rather than 5 euro’s a pop as not everyone has that extra 5 euro’s to pay, especially in the current economic climate. Also, the band should really set up an option where fans can just donate some cash to them, as we all know that c.d. purchases aren’t exactly through the roof these days so some people aren’t going to be pushed to pay an extra fiver on top of their 18€ c.d.

Personally, I feel the majority of the bands fans will help the guys out, as metal fans have proven time after time that they are a loving and caring bunch and unite when the time calls for it.If you would like to donate please follow this link,


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