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Posted: October 26, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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When you think of Holland, all of life’s treats come to mind. Yet when everyone reels off the normal Dutch delights, no one mentions the kick ass death metal scene that the country is hiding.

This December, Prostitute Disfigurement, the most famous band from the dutch scene, will be heading to our shore to remind us of the quality that has come from Holland. On this tour, they’re also bringing their fellow dutch death metal buddies Toxocara, who are planning on leaving quite the first impression on the lovely Emerald isle.

Toxocara have been around since 2003 but their progress has been slowed due to member changes and other hurdles familiar to bands and musical types. However, all the pieces have finally fallen into place for Toxocara and they are building quite the reputation for themselves, both on the live scene and in the studio;their latest full length, “The Great Rebellious” got some damn good reviews.

Eager to find out a little more about Toxocara and talk to them about coming over to Ireland, I spoke with their vocalist Matijn:

Hey guys. How are you?
We’re all fine! It has been a busy year for Toxocara, we had to deal with some line-up changes since our guitarplayer Vince has been away for a while but now he is definitely back. We did some great clubshows en festivals this year, where we played with bands like Hypocrisy, Obituary, Napalm Death so it was a good year for us.

You guys are getting ready to tour the UK with Prostitute Disfigurement. You guys must be pretty pumped?
It’s great to tour with Prostitute Disfigurement. We know the guys for a long time, PD’s drummer Michiel van der Plicht has been the drummer for Toxocara for almost 5 years and frontman Niels Adams did some vocal attacks on our debut album “Imminent Repulsion”. So we know eachother very well and it’s going to be a blast of a tour!

Coming from Holland, Prostitute Disfigurement must have been a huge influence. Does that make touring with them all the more special?
Well, PD’s en Toxocara’s music is not quite the same. They are both brutal Death Metal bands, but the difference is that Toxocara uses more samples and slower parts than PD. That makes that this tour is very interesting for the audience; two Death Metal bands that provide an evening of varied Death Metal!

On this trek you guys are heading to Ireland. Is it your first time coming over here?
Yes it is the first time.We have been in England before (for example London Deathfest) but we have never been in Ireland, so we are really looking forward to it! I am curious how the Irish metalscene is.

Its actually doing quite well over here. We’ll have to bring you guys for a few pints and fill you guys in on it.We know some great metal bars for you guys to check out!
Bring it on, a bar is our bible 😉

It’s been two years since your last full length release. Are you guys working on new material at the moment?
Yes, we are almost finished with the new material. We will start recording in the beginning of 2011. This is our 3th studio album so expect the most of Toxocara. It will be a slighlty different album than the two before, but even brutal and fast, only we added some extra “influences”. New songs when they are ready can be downloaded from our MySpace. The album will again be released through Twilight Records.

Any final words for your Irish fans?
Yes! We hope to see al lot of metalfans during our shows, we can’t wait to blow you away! See you on stage! Thanks for this interview!

Don’t miss out on seeing Toxocara and Prostitute Disfigurement when they play Fibber’s in Dublin on December 8th and An Cruiscin Lan, Cork on December 9th. For more on the tour and on Toxocara, check out thir MySpace

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