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Posted: October 28, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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Black metal bands in Ireland seem to be popping up on a daily basis over here at the moment. And as long as they keep reaching the high level of excellence that has been set, i won’t be complaining! One band however, have stood out for me: Wound Upon Wound.

Wound Upon Wound’s demo “Grievance has been making people stand up and take notice since its release (just see the Metal Ireland forum and the review they did of it) and expectation is high for their debut full length release.

I had a chance to speak with Dave and Leigh and see how he fels about all the attention they’ve been getting and to get some updates on a full length release.

Hey lads, hows it going?
Dave: Ah its going good thanks! Cant complain at all.
Leigh: Not so bad, thank you.

“Grievance” has been getting a great reaction all around Ireland and abroad. That must be a great feeling?
Dave: Its an amazing feeling. We released “Grievance” with the hope of maybe getting a few good reviews and some live dates but i dont think any of us expected the reaction we are getting from it.Its been fantastic.
Leigh: Yeah I couldn’t be happier with how things went for our first release, its a very satisfying feeling to recieve good reactions.

Whats been the best compliment you guys have gotten for Grievance so far?
Dave:Ehm..We’ve been told that its been one of the strongest BM releases from Ireland since Sol Axis. Which is a huge compliment,as we are all big fans of them.

Being an Irish black metal band, do you guys get tired of the “Altar of Plagues” references?
Dave:Not really. It doesnt bother us too much, I mean we see them as one of the Irish bands that got it right so we would aim to be the next on that list. Of course as they got it right people will naturally reference them to newer bands in the scene.We are all fans of them.

You guys have been playing shows across Ireland at the moment. Have their been any plans to go overseas?
Dave:Perhaps next year when we release the full length album. At the moment we are concentrating on getting a solid fanbase here. I’m pretty sure we would all in the band love to see us getting abroad.
Leigh: Yeah, its certainly something I really look forward to happening, so hopefully in the new year things will go to plan and we get a gig or two abroad.

Have you started planning a full length album to build on the success of Grievance?
Dave:Yeah we have. We are now about 7 songs into the writing process. Its a slight change from the “Grievance” sound.This time we are focusing on a darker yet more melodic sound akin to the last two tracks on “Grievance”.
Leigh: We should be finished in a few months if all goes to plan, I certainly think its our strongest material yet and, as Dave said, it’s very akin to the last tracks on the first cd. I feel we’ve definatly found our own sound and this new material is very representative of that.

What are your thoughts on the Irish metal scene at the moment?
Dave:The Irish metal scene is very strong at the moment. There are plenty of new bands emerging that are showing some promise.Eternal Helcaraxe are the BM ones that come to mind. On the DM side we have Warpath and “Coldwar” showing tonnes of promise. The bigger acts are also helping put Ireland on the map too.
Leigh: I think the Irish metal scene is abosolutely fantastic. There’s so many good bands in every field of the genre.

Which Irish metal bands impress you guys at the moment?
Dave: As i mentioned Warpath are showing huge potential. Im a big fan of theirs. Eternal Helcaraxe and Altar of Plagues are two of my favourite irish acts too.
Leigh: My personal favourites doing the rounds at the moment are De Novissimis and People of the Monolith, both really talented bands.

What’s next for you guys?
Dave: Next on the agenda is to record our new album hopefully early next year. Then we hope to get abroad on some festivals or perhaps a tour! We’ll have to wait and see what happens. But fingers crossed!
Leigh: Put the finishing touches on the album and get gigging as much as possible.

Thanks for your time guys!

For more on Wound Upon Wound, be sure to check out their MySpace

  1. Juandingo says:

    Fucking hell you guys are putting up interviews like crazy.

  2. Flashbox says:

    we give the peeps what they want juandingo!

  3. Flashbox says:

    we give the peeps what they want juandingo mi amigo!

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