Paranormal Activity 2 Review

Posted: October 31, 2010 by Flashbox in Movies

Believe the hype; Paranormal Activity 2 really will scare the living poop out of you!

I was a huge fan of the original Paranormal Activity and yup, the first installment really did terrify me, but there was many of my friends that watched it, shrugged their shoulders and just said,”meh”. When trailers for the sequel started to pop up, doing an effective job of warning us that “nothing could prepare us” for the sequel, I got pretty damn excited, especially as the trailer captured the eerie vibe of the original. So, with high expectations of jumping out of my chair with fright, I set off to see Paranormal Activity 2.

The first half of the movie takes it’s time, establishing the story, introducing the characters and forcing the viewer to have their eyes dart from corner to corner of the screen, looking for any slight “paranormal activity”, trick of the light or other ghostly happenings. And for the first half of the film, these happenings are kept to a minimum, which many of my friends didn’t like but I thought did a great feeling of creating tension for the inevitable onslaught of ghostly goings on.

When the demon does decide to get busy, it’s absolutely terrifying! Cupboards burst open, doors slam, plodding footsteps, all of your senses are assaulted and you can’t help but feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The intensity of the original is increased two fold and ,for the last 20 minutes especially I was filled with a sense of dread that I couldn’t shake for hours after the movie. Even my buddy, who never gets scared at movies, couldn’t stop shaking his leg with nerves!

Besides the fact that it Paranormal Activity 2 really delivers on it’s promise of scares , I also really like how they tied the movie together with the original as it makes perfect sense and is extremely plausible. The actors too did a fine job of coming across as ordinary, likable people and the fact that a dog and baby are thrown into the mix really help the viewer get emotionally invested in the characters, more so in my opinion than in the original.

Hopefully, this is the last Paranormal Activity movie. I know that the fact that it’s so profitable means that a sequel will be demanded by the studio but I really don’t see where the can go with a third installment (even though I didn’t see where they could go with a sequel either!) and I really don’t want to see the first two installments tarnished by a series of poor sequels like almost every other franchise.

If you are looking to get into the Halloween spirit or just want a few sleepless nights, watching every corner of the room and asking yourself “did that curtain just move”, then Paranormal Activity 2 is the film for you.

Here’s a special Halloween treat for you guys; a special Halloween version of the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer….Hint: Keep clicking the screen once the trailer ends!

Click here to be scared!


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