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Posted: November 2, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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After being featured in the brilliant “Global Metal” documentary, Demonic Resurrection are a band who are starting to create a stir in the worldwide community. And if they keep releasing albums of the quality of “The Return to Darkness”, these Indian death metallers will be a band to watch for years to come. I had an opportunity to speak with frontman Demonstealer about the bands new found success and fame:

Hey Demonstealer, hows it going?
It is going great. We just got back from a gig in Hamirpur in India at the NIT College there. It was an insane 13 hour journey by car through the mountains and we had a huge crowd and we had a real blast there.

“The Return To Darkness” is an awesome album and has been getting a great reception all over the globe. That must be a great feeling?
To be honest we are still taking it in, I mean 10 years ago I was a fan boy reading Metal Hammer magazines that I saved money to buy and today I’m reading a review of our new album which got an 8/10 so it’s pretty awesome! And that is not all, Terrorizer also gave it an 8/10 and Scream Magazine Norway called it album of the month and gave it a 5/6 so we are feeling really elated right now.

What are your favorite tracks on the new album?
My personal favorites are ‘A Tragedy Befallen’ and ‘Lord Of Pestilence’.

This was your first album with drummer Virendra ‘Viru’ Kaith and guitar prodigy Daniel Rego. What difference did they make to the writing process?
I think more than changing the writing process just jamming with them really made a difference. When Viru joined his drumming style was more about double bass patterns rather than all out speed because he listens to bands like Meshuggah, Textures, Sikth etc among other metal and that really made me change my guitar playing a bit while he had to work on his blast beats and speed to match what I was writing so we kind of managed to get a great balance of that. With Daniel he added some beautiful solos to the album and he is very well versed with his theory and technique so I picked up a lot from him and I think that is how they really influenced the writing process.

“The Return to Darkeness” is said to be the last chapter in the darkness trilogy. Does this mean you guys intend to go in a different direction for the next album?
Yes this means we will go in a different direction on the next album, probably write a new story or work on a different theme. However we still have a new more darkness related releases due sometime.

You guys released your first music video for the track “Unrelenting Surge of Vengeance”. How was that experience?
It was definitely a learning experience and a really fun experience. After being around for a decade it was high time we got the video done and it was a blast shooting it. We managed to wrap up the shoot in a day. We worked with really professional people Vijesh and Vaas who did a fantastic job on the final product and we really enjoyed the process.

Demonic Resurrection were also heavily featured in the documentary “Global Metal” and were even included on the films soundtrack. That must have been a huge honor?
I remember getting an email from Universal Music saying they want us on the soundtrack and that we were the only Indian band going on it alongside Lamb Of God, In Flames and Sepultura among others and I we were all really happy about it, it is a great honor for us to represent Indian metal on that documentary and soundtrack.

On top of all that, you guys also won the Global Metal Golden God at the metal hammer awards this year. 2010 will be a hard year to top!?
2010 has been a fantastic year and yes it is going to be hard to top but we plan to work ever harder. I’ve dedicated the last 10 years towards Demonic Resurrection and the other guys have all put in a tremendous amount of work into the band not to mention personal sacrifices as well as professional ones so it really feels great that the work is being appreciated and we don’t plan to stop here, this is just the beginning.

I almost forgot to ask about playing the Inferno Festival and Brutal Assaultl. That must have been a great experience?
It feels like I’m saying the same thing every time but it was beyond amazing. It really is like a dream coming true. Like with Metal Hammer, Inferno was a festival we’ve all known and followed for the 10 years it has been around and watched videos of Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth and other bands playing there and just dreaming about being on that stage and guess what, we played that stage! With Brutal Assault we were like kids in a candy store (our facebook album proves it) we were just walking around like wide eyed kids. We met all our idols and spoke and hung out with many so it was just surreal.

Your success has really helped put Indian metal on the map. Do other bands look up to you?
DS: I guess that is something the other bands in India will have to answer. I think India has a great scene with a lot of great bands and hopefully they will all make a mark in the near future.

What Indian metal bands should we watch out for in the future?
Definitely our buddies in Kyrptos, Bhayanak Maut, Undying Inc, Scribe, Exhumation, Acrid Semblance, Devoid, Albatross and many other bands.

Demonstealer, you actually set up your own label, Demonstealer Records, to help release albums from Indian metal bands. Thats a great way to help the scene. What made you decide to set it up?
Everything related to DR has been a DIY effort, when no one gave us a gig we did our own, when no label would release us I started DSR. It was however only in 2005 after the release of ‘A Darkness Descends’ did I realize was doing a decent job of promoting and selling the music and felt I should do the same for other deserving bands in the scene and so I signed up Acrid Semblance and got some bands from Mumbai together to record and release a split CD and since then the label has been on. We expanded to releasing some international bands when we released Behemoth’s last album Evangelion in India and just a week ago we released Dimmu Borgir’s new album ‘Abrahadabra’.

Is it hard to manage Demonstealer Records while handling all the Demonic Resurrection?
Everyone I the band is still managing a day job plus being in the band so it is not always easy but the label is fairly small so I manage the band, label, day job and my other musical projects as well. I’ve been lucky to have great employers Furtados Music who give me the time and freedom to do whatever I want to.

Finally guys, what does the future hold for Demonic Resurrection?
Our priority is to get on tour next year and do the festivals in Europe and start work on the next album which we will release in 2012.

Thanks very much for your time Demonstealer and hopefully we’ll see you over here soon!

For more on Demonic Resurrection, check out their MySpace and for more on Demonstealer Records, take a peek at the Demonstealer Records website

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