Prostitute Disfigurement

Posted: November 8, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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It’s been a great year for bands getting back together; Autopsy, Voivod, Godflesh and Sanctuary to name but a view. One that really got me excited was the reformation of dutch death metal titans, the not exactly PG Prostitute Disfigurement. What made me even happier was the announcement that Prostitute Disfigurement would be returning to the Emerald Isle this holiday season to deliver a pre-Christmas feast of death and depravity with fellow countrymen Toxocara. I had a chance to speak with vocalist Niels Adams and see if he was excited about heading to our boozy part of the world and what the future holds for Prostitute Disfigurement.

Hey Niels, how’s it going?
Hailz Norman! everything is good overhere! We started jamming new material last weekend.

You guys are coming back to Ireland this December. We can’t wait!Excited to be coming back?
We played a few shows in Ireland in 2005/2006 and the audience was sick and good for us…so i don’t expect anything else then pure insanity when we play Cork and Dublin!

Your last show here in 2006 with Cannibal Corpse is still talked about today!That must be a great feeling?
That’s a good feeling indeed and we love to come back and play some horrible tunes again for you guys!

You guys dibanded in 2007 after the release of “Descendants of Depravity”. Are you willing to reveal why?
Well, it’s a long story but let’s keep it like this that our cd “descendants….was released 10 months after the recording so thats a huge delay and a lot tour offers were cancelled of the poor booking agencies etc……..We were very disappointed at that time because we couldn’t really promote our new album.

You then reformed at the start of this year, which was met by cheers from metal fans the world over?What made you guys decide to get back together?
We talked about it for a while ofcourse but i am also in NOX and Michiel plays in God Dethroned so our schedules were busy at that time. But i said let’s get a fucking new line up together and so we started again and the response was good and we got a lot of offers to play……

Have you guys started working on a new album yet?
Yes! We had our first session last weekend and it turned it good.
I started the lyrical process also and if we go on like this then we can record our new album earlier then we thought.It will be sick,aggressive…. a good mix of old and new PD.

Will you guys pick up from “Descendants of Depravity” or have you got any suprises in store?
The new album will be a mix of Deeds of Derangement and Descendant of Depravity so i will also use 3/4 different vocals. I dont have further news on the new album yet.

Since you guys are coming to Ireland, are you guys fans of Guiness?
I normally start to vomit blood from Guiness……

Eh…fair enough! If you do fancy a few pints of the black stuff…or just want to throw up blood!, there’s a great metal bar in Cork called Fred Zeppelins that you guys should hit up before your Cork show!
Always nice to drink a lot before the show and we’ll check it out for sure!!!

Finally, any parting words/warnings for fans going to your Irish gigs?
Come out to the shows if you want to see some real fucking deathmetal!
Till soon!! and remember…Only Death is real!!!!

Prostitute Disfigurement will play Fibber Magees, Dublin on December 8th and An Cruiscin Lan, Cork on December 9th.

For all the latest from Prostitute Disfigurement, check out their MySpace

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