Melechesh = Awesome

Posted: November 13, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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Well, to be honest, I think the title pretty much summarizes all that I have to say in this post!

To be honest, before the announcement that Melechesh would be supporting Nile on their European trek this Spring, I had never heard of the eastern themed black/death metallers. I know, I know, how can I run a metal blog without hearing of one of the hottest bands around? Well , thats the point of this blog, to find new music for me to listen to as well as all you guys out there.

But then the Metal Ireland thread on the Nile show was exploding with comments about how great a choice Melechesh were as a support band and how their newest album “The Epigenesis” was on track to be one of the releases of the year. Having heard enough, I went and listened to some of their older stuff before checking out “The Epigenesis” and having my mind blown. The good ol Metal ireland users were on the button again…Melechesh are awesome!

Melechesh play an awesome, middle eastern form of black metal that is both brutal and groovy. Vocalist Ashmedi has a great pair of lungs on him (by the way, does anyone else think he sounds like Exodus vocalist Rob Dukes) and a knack for writing some awesome eastern sounding solo’s that Karl Sanders himself would be proud of, while drummer Xul keeps thinks interesting behind the sticks with some very cool fills and thundering double bass.

Whoever decided to put Nile and Melechesh on the same bill is a genius. It’s gonna be an awesome show, that could be the best of the year, so make sure your at The Button Factory on February 11th.

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