Awesome Songs on Awesome Albums That Deserve More Credit

Posted: December 4, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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While walking back from college yesterday, headphones in ears, listening to “Piece by Piece” by Slayer, I couldn’t help but think, “This song kicks so much ass!Why don’t they play it live more often??” This thought then spread and I began to think about how this song is never listed among Slayers “hits” and is rarely mentioned by fans and band alike. Then i got to thinking, what other songs from classic albums get overlooked? So here are my choice of awesome songs from awesome albums that deserve more credit:

“Piece By Piece”-Slayer, from “Reign In Blood”
The song that planted the seeds for this blog post. Following what is thought by many to be the most evil and vicious thrash song out there is no easy task. “Piece by Piece” however faces up to the task and picks up from where Angel of Death stopped kicking our heads in. Starting off with a headbang inducing riff before exploding into a thrash frenzy, “Piece by Piece” continues “Reign in Bloods” unrelenting attack on the listener. On top of all this, it delivers the classic lyric “Decapitated bodies found,on my wall your head!”

“The Thing That Should Not Be”-Metallica, from “Master Of Puppets”
Surely I can’t be the only one to hope that when James gives his obligatory, “Do you wanna hears something heavy?” line at every Metallica show, that the opening,acoustic notes of “The Thing That Should Not Be” ominously, seep from the arena speakers? This song is one of Metallica’s slowest and heaviest in their arsenal and the eerie Lovecraftian theme of it really differentiates it from their other, war themed tracks. That frantic, almost schizophrenic wah drenched solo is also a personal favorite of mine.

“Global Warming”- Gojira, from “From Mars to Sirius”
While almost every song on this album is a modern metal classic, it seems that its “Heaviest Matter in the Universe” and “Flying Whales” seem to be the most talked about and celebrated. However, whenever I give this album a spin, which when I first heard it was a least twice daily,I always started at the end and played the albums closer “Global Warming”. That pull off, tapping sounding riff just blows my mind and is easily one of my favorite riffs ever. The lyrics are also some of the few that I feel honestly add to the quality of the song(this is something, I feel, Gojira do better than the majority of other bands). A song of epic proportions that proves that the less is more approach can definitely pay off.

“Lashed To The Slave Stick”-Nile, from “Annihilation of The Wicked”
“Annihilation”is definitely among my top 5 death metal albums of all time. “Lashed to the Slave Stick” really stands out for me as it seems to be the most controlled and straight to the point song on the album, with a collection of riffs, each one more badass than the next, especially that tremolo picked riff in the middle.

“Dead As History”-The Dillinger Escape Plan, from “Ire Works”
The diehard Dillinger fans out there may hate my guts for this admission, but I would chose the bands emotional, slow building, dramatic songs such as “Milk Lizard”, “Widower” and “Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants” anyday over their insane, explosive material. One song in particular that springs to mind that I always have to have a spin of when listening to “Ire Works” is ” Dead As History”. The song is a perfect example of how Dillinger have an amazing talent to evoke real emotion in their music and every time this track plays, I can’t help but imagine some movie scene in which the main character is walking slowly through a crowded urban area, as rain pours down, on his way to killing those who have wronged him. Can’t think of an exact movie now, but a scene along those lines always comes into my head listening to this song!

So what songs do you guys think deserve more recognition than they get?Share em down belowin the comments!

  1. filmy porno says:

    interesting post, pretty much covered it all for me, thanks.

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