Favorite Album Covers of 2010

Posted: December 20, 2010 by Flashbox in Music
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Yesterday, I shared my thoughts with you guys on my favorite albums of 2010. Today I’m going to take a look at my favorite album covers of the past year. Based on my selection, it’ll become quite clear that I’m a fan of dark themed art and the more skulls the better!

“Evil Power”-Lair Of The Minotaur
Not only was this amongst my favorite albums of the year, but it also featured my favorite album cover of the year. I mean, what could be more metal than a Spartanish Minotaur staring out at you from a throne adorned with skulls and bloody axes. Bonus points for the simple yet very effective, old school font on the album title!

“Snakes For The Divine”-High On Fire
Another of my favorite albums of the year, this album cover really stood out from the pack. A rarity among my favorites, this cover features no skulls but plenty of serpents winding themselves around a naked, buxom lady. I’m not sure if she is restraining or embracing the snake in her hand, but none the less, this is a very cool album cover that wouldn’t be out of place in a Greek Mythology picture book.

“Relentless Retribution”-Death Angel
I love the phrase ” a wolf in sheep’s clothing” and this album cover brings that image to live in a magnificently bloody way. The firey red in the sky and apocalyptic background set an awesome backdrop to the truly vicious wolf leading all those poor sheep to their bloody end. I need a t-shirt of this album cover!

“Valley Of Smoke”-Intronaut
The most colorful, and dare I say, cheerful of my picks this year, I found the “Valley of Smoke” cover really interesting and stood out from the all the colorless album covers out there. Artist Dave D’Andrea did a great job of creating an album cover that wouldn’t look out of lace in an art gallery. He also managed to squeeze in a skeleton into this artsy album cover so kudos for that!

“The World Is A Thorn”-Demon Hunter
And to finalize my picks, here’s another skull themed album cover. Simple but fucking awesome!

And there you have, my favorite album covers of 2010. Feel free to argue with me and share your favorites in the comment section below.

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