Refraction Interview

Posted: January 20, 2011 by Flashbox in Music, Uncategorized

Having just reviewed Refraction’s fantastic self titled debut album, I felt it was the perfect time to ask the lads a few questions about the album. Here’s my short chat with Kalr and Co.:

“Refraction” came out last week and based on early reviews, its gotten a great reception. You guys must be thrilled!
Its too early to tell. Feedback has generally been positive, what little there has been. We are just grateful that people are interested in what we are doing

You guys recorded a demo a while back. What was wrong with it that you decided to keep it from the public?
Most of those tracks ended up as our first Myspace tracks. We recorded it ourselves with the little resources and experiences we had. It just transpired that the end result, despite a lot of effort, was just not something we were happy to release, we couldn’t get it to sound how we wanted. We also felt a full-length was better suited to the flow of what we were trying to achieve

What lessons did you guys learn when recording the demo that you applied to the full length?
John (Kelly) has been studying sound for years, so he would have learned quite a lot in the interim which was beneficial during the recording of the album. We also learned that recording an album away from the toil and smog of the City worked well to our advantage, as did thousands of fields full of cows when it came to photo opportunities. Cows are not stirred by the insults of a human. They have amazing resolve

How did you guys find working at Data Studios?Those guys are making quite the name for themselves!
Both Ross O’Donovan and Tadgh Healy are such great guys and amazing to work with. They made everything as comfortable as possible. Everything is so relaxing in that part of the Country, it made the whole process so seamless. If Data Studios are making a name for themselves it is because they excel at what they do.

What are your favorite tracks on “Refraction”?
All of them were at one point, I’m sure. Now, none of them.

Have you guys ever tried adding vocals?
In our former incarnation as ‘Illuminatus’, we employed vocals. This did not work out. We felt them unneccessary for this release, and would detract from what we were trying to achieve

Is it something you’d like to do in the future?
We are ruling nothing out with regards anything for the future. We have intentions of introducing an array of new elements into the music, this could very well include vocals. Time will tell

With yourselves, Altar of Plagues, I”l Eat Your Face all releasing killer albums and getting widespread recognition, the irish metal scene is really booming. It must be really exciting to be apart of it?
‘Widespread recognition’ might be a tad over-zealous. We have not received any calls from Ryan Tubridy, as of yet. We have sold approx. 5 CDs. In fact its 4 because one CD is just missing from the case. Thats 3 more CDs than anyone has downloaded. And that person was you. Cheers!

Ok, so you mightn’t be making a fortune just yet, but the buzz is growing and people are really impressed with the output, which is great. It takes time and alot of touring to start making money and getting bigger. Any plans to tour around the country or further a field to promote the album?
We have big plans to make plans. We certainly intend on playing various dates around the country in light of the release.
Any promoters,ringmasters, farmers or other parties interested, please contact us at refractionband@gmail
Thanks a lot for your time and interest man!

No problem guys!


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