Times Of Grace “Hymn Of A Broken Man”

Posted: February 10, 2011 by Flashbox in Music
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“Hymn Of A Broken Man”, the debut release from Times of Grace, who for those of you don’t know is the musical child of current Killswitch Engage guitarist/short short enthusiast Adam Duktiewicz and former Killswitch growler/crooner Jesse Leach, is one hell of an album.

Personally, I was expecting to hear a number of Killswitch Engage tracks with Jesse’s voice instead of Howard’s but Messrs Duktiewicz and Leach have created an epic, emotional album that really strikes a chord with the listener. Jess Leach’s incredible vocal performance shows that the man has really been putting in his work on this album and whether he is screaming, roaring or singing at the top of his lungs, his voice is incredible throughout.

We all know Adam is a beast on a guitar and can roll out crushing riffs and beautiful passages simultaneously (see: every Killswitch Album). On “Hymn of A Broken Man, Adam seems to favor simplistic, heart felt passages that are incredibly effective and atmospheric and really complement the emotion in the vocals. However, he does find space to stick in a number of Killswitch riffs to keep his fans happy.

Adam and Jesse’s voices compliment each other perfectly and some of the hooks on the album will stir emotion in the hearts of the coldest listeners. The production too, handled by the incredibly multi talented Mr. Duktiewicz, is fantastic and every instrument and element of the song fall perfectly into place.

I find that when I start listening to “hymn of A Broken Man” I just have to listen to it the whole way through and enjoy it as a whole. My personal favorite tracks are “Until The End Of Days”, “Hymn of A Broken Man” and the acoustic “The Forgotten One” but every track is dripping with quality.

“Hymn Of A Broken Man” is an incredible record and is essential listening for any fans of Killswitch and metalcore. It deserves to be heard by more than just the metalcore fanbase but that all depends on whether those listeners are willing to give it a spin. I really hope they do because if they don’t, they’re missing out on a great record.


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