Wormrot Interview Number 2

Posted: March 30, 2011 by Flashbox in Music
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Wormrot were one of the first bands to do an interview for us and we’ve kept a close eye on their career since, which has seen the lad’s popularity and critical acclaim sky rocket. Having just played a blinder at the SXSW festival, Wormrot are preparing to unleash their sophmore album “Dirge” on May 3rd (through Earache) and based on the already released tracks “Spot A Pathetic” and Erased Existence” (embedded below), its going to blow your mind.

Seeing as the release of “Dirge” is so close, I got in contact with guitarist Raysid to hear how their US tour is going,their feelings on “Dirge” and their new found fame.

Hey Raysid, hows it going?
Hey Norman, everythings going pretty well. Fit has just recovered from his fever and I’m still recovering from my nagging coughs. Other than than, we’re pumped to play every night.

Wormrot’s popularity has exploded since we last spoke with you guys. Has your success sunk in yet?
Not yet dude, we’re still a struggling band on the road. I’m still trying to keep my food spending to less than 4 dollars a day. Sleeping on the floors of generous people at night. Not that we’re complaining. Cuz I’ll forget all that every night after every show.

You guys just played at the SXSW Death party last night. How did the show go?The bill was awesome and it must have been great to be part of such an amazing festival?
It was an awesome display dude. I was so excited to be on the same bill as Magrudergrind and Kill The Client. The attacks were relentless, non-stop. Met lots of old friends we made during the previous US tour. SXSW is an awesome aural and visual orgy.

Have you guys been playing many tracks from the new album in your recent shows?
Our current setlist consists mostly of the songs off Dirge, some from Abuse and the split with I Abhor. Set To Kill was the only pre-Abuse song which made it into the current setlist.

The tracks you’ve released from “Dirge” sound brutal and we cant wait to hear the full album. You guys must be pumped to release it!
I can’t wait to see all the mixed reactions! All I can say about this album is all of us in the band are proud of Dirge and how we worked together in a short amount of time to come up with it. And we cant wait to let it out.

How has your USA tour been going?
Its been great dude. Our tour manager, Mike Red has been taking great care of us. Shows have been awesome, crowds have been crazy, especially yesterday in Churchill’s Pub in Miami, Florida. They were mental last year, they were even more mental this year! It’s becoming a satisfying tour, and we’re only 60% through.

Have you found much of a difference between US audiences and the Singaporean fans?
US audiences are more receptive, more vocal, and as proven by those in Miami, a lot more sweaty. Singapore crowds are more reserved.

Will you guys be heading to European festivals to promote “Dirge” this summer?
We’re in the talks of promoting Dirge in the UK and EU this coming September. I’m not sure which festivals we’ll be part of. But no Obscene Extreme this year. Damn.

What kind of a difference is there between “Abuse” and “Dirge”?
Gotta find out yourself dude. We, as a band, has a strict ‘no-telling’ policy about ‘upcoming albums’.

Finally, any plans to head to Ireland in the near future?
I hope so dude, we had a great time when we we’re there the previous time! I still remember there was this band called Hope Is Noise that I caught a night after we played, and they we’re fantastic. Maybe there might be a date during our tour this September. We’ll see.

  1. Damien says:

    cool interview man. Awesome band love that grind!

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