Basically, this is a way for us to share our opinion on the things we love and vent on what we think is utter shite.

Among the things we love are:

  • Metal
  • Slayer
  • Wrestling
  • Punk
  • Star Wars
  • Horror
  • Boobs
  • Food
  • 80’s Action Movies
  • Free Stuff
  • And lots of other stuff

You may find our opinions childish, in-aticulate, prickish and down right stupid or you may actually rather enjoy what we have to say but at the end of the day, we like to think this will be a fun experiment and might get us some free stuff. (see the above list; we love free swag!)

So read our posts, comment, send us stuff and if you want to contact us please mail us at tomboftheopinionated@gmail.com

Now….get to da choppa!


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