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Wormrot Interview Number 2

Posted: March 30, 2011 by Flashbox in Music
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Wormrot were one of the first bands to do an interview for us and we’ve kept a close eye on their career since, which has seen the lad’s popularity and critical acclaim sky rocket. Having just played a blinder at the SXSW festival, Wormrot are preparing to unleash their sophmore album “Dirge” on May 3rd (through Earache) and based on the already released tracks “Spot A Pathetic” and Erased Existence” (embedded below), its going to blow your mind.

Seeing as the release of “Dirge” is so close, I got in contact with guitarist Raysid to hear how their US tour is going,their feelings on “Dirge” and their new found fame.

Hey Raysid, hows it going?
Hey Norman, everythings going pretty well. Fit has just recovered from his fever and I’m still recovering from my nagging coughs. Other than than, we’re pumped to play every night.

Wormrot’s popularity has exploded since we last spoke with you guys. Has your success sunk in yet?
Not yet dude, we’re still a struggling band on the road. I’m still trying to keep my food spending to less than 4 dollars a day. Sleeping on the floors of generous people at night. Not that we’re complaining. Cuz I’ll forget all that every night after every show.

You guys just played at the SXSW Death party last night. How did the show go?The bill was awesome and it must have been great to be part of such an amazing festival?
It was an awesome display dude. I was so excited to be on the same bill as Magrudergrind and Kill The Client. The attacks were relentless, non-stop. Met lots of old friends we made during the previous US tour. SXSW is an awesome aural and visual orgy.

Have you guys been playing many tracks from the new album in your recent shows?
Our current setlist consists mostly of the songs off Dirge, some from Abuse and the split with I Abhor. Set To Kill was the only pre-Abuse song which made it into the current setlist.

The tracks you’ve released from “Dirge” sound brutal and we cant wait to hear the full album. You guys must be pumped to release it!
I can’t wait to see all the mixed reactions! All I can say about this album is all of us in the band are proud of Dirge and how we worked together in a short amount of time to come up with it. And we cant wait to let it out.

How has your USA tour been going?
Its been great dude. Our tour manager, Mike Red has been taking great care of us. Shows have been awesome, crowds have been crazy, especially yesterday in Churchill’s Pub in Miami, Florida. They were mental last year, they were even more mental this year! It’s becoming a satisfying tour, and we’re only 60% through.

Have you found much of a difference between US audiences and the Singaporean fans?
US audiences are more receptive, more vocal, and as proven by those in Miami, a lot more sweaty. Singapore crowds are more reserved.

Will you guys be heading to European festivals to promote “Dirge” this summer?
We’re in the talks of promoting Dirge in the UK and EU this coming September. I’m not sure which festivals we’ll be part of. But no Obscene Extreme this year. Damn.

What kind of a difference is there between “Abuse” and “Dirge”?
Gotta find out yourself dude. We, as a band, has a strict ‘no-telling’ policy about ‘upcoming albums’.

Finally, any plans to head to Ireland in the near future?
I hope so dude, we had a great time when we we’re there the previous time! I still remember there was this band called Hope Is Noise that I caught a night after we played, and they we’re fantastic. Maybe there might be a date during our tour this September. We’ll see.


Here’s a quick round up of today’s stories that might be of interest to 1 or 2 of you out there:

Californian death metallers Vile are streaming the track “Prophetic Betrayal” from their upcoming album “Metamorphosis” on their MySpace page. Worth a listen if you like your death metal brutal as a sledgehammer to the side of the head.

Polish death metal legends Vader announced that drummer Pawel “Paul” Jaroszewicz has decided to leave the band due to “family matters”. His replacement is 21 year old English drummer James Stewart, who has played for Divine Chaos. Check out the video above to get an idea of James’ style of drumming.

DEVIN TOWNSEND RELEASES NEW MUSIC!No need to say any more, just listen…NOW.

Another teaser has appeared for the spooky looking “Insidious”, the latest offering from Saw creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell. “Insidious” looks pretty creepy and early reviews seem to point to the guys delivering another pants soiling scary movie. Check out the clip at

Looks like we’re getting a sequel to 2008 monster movie “Cloverfield”. I really enjoyed “Cloverfield” but I’m not really excited at the prospect of a sequel, though it would be cool if it explains a little more about the giant beast that terrorizes New York in the original. /Film has all the details.

Paddy Power

Posted: March 18, 2011 by Flashbox in Music
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Is there any better way to cure the post paddy’s day hangover than with an ear full of the best Irish metal?Probably, but since you’ve taken the time to read this far you deserve a treat so give these tunes a spin!

Drainland:Essentially an Irish Neurosis, these guys have the sickest guitar tone in Ireland and their debut “And So Our Troubles Began” is a brilliant if extremely down-hearted piece of work.

Altar of Plagues:These black metallers have been causing quite the stir both at home and abroad, with their 2010 release “Tombs” receiving a great reception all around. Definitely a band to watch in 2011.

Dead Label:I played a gig with Dead Label about two years ago in Bakers Place in Limerick and they blew me away. For a 3 piece they sounded heavy as hell and the riffs had the crowd moshing like there was no tomorrow. These guys definitely deserve more attention and credit.

I’ll Eat Your Face:You all already know these guys. We just love having an excuse to put up one of their tracks!

Death Metal legends Morbid Angel have finally announced the title of their long awaited 8th studio album….drumroll please…..”Illud Divinum Insanus”. The album name keeps in line with their habit of naming their albums in alphabetical order. Curiosity drove me to searching for a translation of “Illud Divinum Insanus” and based on my half-hearted efforts, it loosely translates to “That Divine Insanity”, eventhough I’ve seen some guys on forums saying it could mean “Mocking Divine Law”,both of which are pretty cool titles in their own right and fits in perfectly with Morbid Angel’s previous album titles (“Altars of Madness” anyone?)

“Illud Divinum Insanus” will be the first Morbid Angel album since vocalist/growler Dave Vincent returned to the line up but, more significantly in many fans eyes, will be the first Morbid Angel not to have Pete Sandoval behond the sticks, who underwent surgery last year for a deteriorating disc problem. Filling in for Mr. Sandoval is Tim Yeung, whos impressive resume sees him having covered drum duties for Nile, Hate Eternal, Divine Heresy and Vital Remains, so at least we know the dude has chops. How his style of playing will affect Morbid Angels sound is still something to ponder but a recent drum clinic video does give us a sneak peek at what to expect 9which I have embedded below for you lucky devils).


“Illud Divinum Insanus” is set for a June 6th release (6/6 eh guys?) on Season of Mist but a single of the track “Nevermore”, which has been played live a number of times by Morbid Angel will be released as a 7″ vinyl and digital download on May 7th, with the B-side featuring another new song remixed by Combichrist.

I for one always get excited about new Morbid Angel material, eventhough I was getting fed up waiting, and with the intrigue of Dave Vincent returning and Pete Sandoval missing, I’m even more curious than usual to hear this album. Let the wait for “Illud Divinum Insanus” begin!

While walking to college the other day, I decided to trow the ol i-Pod on shuffle and try and find some new music that may have gotten lost in the fold (see how I avoided the obvious pun there!). It was a decision I wouldn’t regret as immediately a song so aggressive and heavy almost knocked me off my feet. I quickly snatched my i-pod from my pocket to see who it was that almost gave me heart failure and it was the name of an old friend that greeted me: Sepultura. However, it was the album that caught me off guard: The track was “Moloko Mesto” from their latest album “A-Lex”.

Now, Sepultura are one of my favorite bands but, like many others, I amn’t a massive fan of their post Max output. I still “bought” their albums but ad been left unimpressed with the likes of “Roarback” and “Nation”. I ad heard that “Dante XXI” was meant to be good but, to be honest, I didn’t really give it much of a chance. The same with “A-Lex”. However, my opinion was completely changed once I listened to “Moloko Mesto”.

Suitably impressed, I decided to listen to the album in full and found an underrated gem. The first 5 tracks off “A-Lex”, which for your trivia buffs is the first Sep’ album not to feature a Cavalera brother, are among some of my favorite Sepultura tracks and have the aggression and groove that made Sepultura famous in the first place. Andreas Kisser, who I firmly believe deserves WAY more credit than he gets, is on fire and provides groovy yet heavy as a heard of elephants riffs, beautiful flamenco passages and hypnotizing, disorienting solo’s that sound like the kind of solo’s Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman would play had they ever learnt their scales.

Derrick Green, who I was never a massive fan of, does a great job on vocals and spits out his words wit a venom I’ve never heard from him before. If he ad roared like this on all those other post Max albums, they definitely would have garnered more success.

“A-Lex” is also the first album drummer Jean Dolabella, who does a fine job filing the gap left by Igor Cavalera, providing some great drum-beats that compliment each of Andrea’s riffs and keeping the tribal feel very much alive throughout the album.

Another cool thing about “A-Lex” is that it is a concept album, with the entire album based on the book “A Clockwork Orange”. The track’s “A-Lex I- IV” do a good job of separating the story into it’s separate parts and, being a concept album, the guys have a huge amount of room to experiment , something Sepultura ave never been afraid to do. The mixing of classical music and metal on the tracks “A-Lex” parts I-IV and the deadly “Ludwig Van” do a great job of capturing that books essence and atmosphere and its also great that the guys haven’t sacrificed their tribal sound on the record either.

Also wort a mention is the incredible cover art. Te twisted image does a fine job of capturing the disturbing themes at the heart of “A Clockwork Orange” and is definitely a cover that makes you do a double turn and look at it closer to see every inch of it.

At 18 tracks, not every track is going to be a blinder but “A-Lex” provides enough quality and unique, fresh ideas that it deserves to be heard by more people. So do yourself a favor and track down this underrated album and get ready for a healthy dose of Beethoven and ultra-violence.

Just saw this in Metal and felt it would be wrong not to share this with everyone. It’s Devin Townsend singing the Sinatra classic “New York, New York” and he does an incredible job with it. All that can be said really is..ENJOY!

Awesome Gig Alert

Posted: March 2, 2011 by Flashbox in Gig, Music
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This Thursday night, March the 4th to be precise, awesome instrumental Dublin 4 piece Refraction are having their album launch at (yup, you guessed it!) Fibber Magees. Their awesome, self titled debut album (which we gave a glowing review to here, is a great, atmospheric instrumental metal album that is definitely an early contender for Irish metal album of the year. refraction have also launched an official website, which you can check out here.

The lads also seem to have great taste in support bands as sharing the stage with them will be fast rising, Cork party-grinders I’ll Eat Your Face, who are fresh off the back of a successful stint across the pond in the U.K. I’ll Eat Your Face always deliver with their live shows so be sure to get their early to catch them.

Also on hand are Ropemaker from Laois, who seem like a less heavy Refraction. I’ve only heard one track by the lads, the brilliantly titled “Less Taxes Equals More Biscuits”, which is a very mellow instrumental track but thought it was pretty good so make sure to give these guys a chance.

Anyone that makes it to the show, please let us know how it goes!