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Posted: March 24, 2011 by Flashbox in Uncategorized
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First on the agenda today, we’d like to extend our deepest sympathies to the friends of Frankie Sparcello, bassist of “deserve more cred than they get” death metal band Exhorder. There’s been no statement on the cause of death. Here’s some classic Exhorder to remind us all of Sparcello and Exhorders talent.

My good friend DiGi over at Movie has shared the hilarious new poster for soon to be cult classic “Rubber”. As I’m sure you can tell deduce from the not exactly subtle poster, “Rubber” is about a serial killing tyre. I shit you not. Awesomeness awaits!

Devin Townsend as released the album art for his upcoming release “Ghost”. Very nice.

Anaal Nathrakh are streaming a new track, “Paragon Pariah”, over at Decibel’s website. Follow this link to have your ears blown off.

Amon Amarth have released a pretty deadly cover of System of A Down’s “Aerials”. I like it. Have a listen and make up your own minds on it.


Here’s a quick round up of today’s stories that might be of interest to 1 or 2 of you out there:

Californian death metallers Vile are streaming the track “Prophetic Betrayal” from their upcoming album “Metamorphosis” on their MySpace page. Worth a listen if you like your death metal brutal as a sledgehammer to the side of the head.

Polish death metal legends Vader announced that drummer Pawel “Paul” Jaroszewicz has decided to leave the band due to “family matters”. His replacement is 21 year old English drummer James Stewart, who has played for Divine Chaos. Check out the video above to get an idea of James’ style of drumming.

DEVIN TOWNSEND RELEASES NEW MUSIC!No need to say any more, just listen…NOW.

Another teaser has appeared for the spooky looking “Insidious”, the latest offering from Saw creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell. “Insidious” looks pretty creepy and early reviews seem to point to the guys delivering another pants soiling scary movie. Check out the clip at

Looks like we’re getting a sequel to 2008 monster movie “Cloverfield”. I really enjoyed “Cloverfield” but I’m not really excited at the prospect of a sequel, though it would be cool if it explains a little more about the giant beast that terrorizes New York in the original. /Film has all the details.

Just saw this in Metal and felt it would be wrong not to share this with everyone. It’s Devin Townsend singing the Sinatra classic “New York, New York” and he does an incredible job with it. All that can be said really is..ENJOY!