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“The Silent House” is a small horror film that first surfaced at the 2010 Cannes festival. Now, the plot (which is supposedly based on a true story) is fairly straightforward: A father and daughter are hired to renovate an old spooky house in the Uruguayan countryside. They decide to spend the night in the house before starting the renovations (the fools!) and that night they begin to hear tings go bump in the night.

Sounds familiar, huh?However, “The Silent House” has an ace up its sleeve…it was all shot in a single 79 minute shot on a handheld recorder. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it! Imagine the time and effort it took to get everything perfect. I love it when people try to stand out from the crowd and do something different so fair deuce to director Gustavo Hernández‘s, actress Florencia Colucci and the entire team. I can only imagine the frustration tese guys encountered at various stages of the filming.

Early reviews of “The Silent House” have been mixed, however /Film gave the flick a pretty good review and I tend to listen to their opinions.

“The Silent House” is set to hit cinemas sometime in April. I can’t wait to check it out and if you want to see something original in a genre thats flooded with crappy 3D sequels and dissappointments, you should be too.