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Paddy Power

Posted: March 18, 2011 by Flashbox in Music
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Is there any better way to cure the post paddy’s day hangover than with an ear full of the best Irish metal?Probably, but since you’ve taken the time to read this far you deserve a treat so give these tunes a spin!

Drainland:Essentially an Irish Neurosis, these guys have the sickest guitar tone in Ireland and their debut “And So Our Troubles Began” is a brilliant if extremely down-hearted piece of work.

Altar of Plagues:These black metallers have been causing quite the stir both at home and abroad, with their 2010 release “Tombs” receiving a great reception all around. Definitely a band to watch in 2011.

Dead Label:I played a gig with Dead Label about two years ago in Bakers Place in Limerick and they blew me away. For a 3 piece they sounded heavy as hell and the riffs had the crowd moshing like there was no tomorrow. These guys definitely deserve more attention and credit.

I’ll Eat Your Face:You all already know these guys. We just love having an excuse to put up one of their tracks!


Awesome Gig Alert

Posted: March 2, 2011 by Flashbox in Gig, Music
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This Thursday night, March the 4th to be precise, awesome instrumental Dublin 4 piece Refraction are having their album launch at (yup, you guessed it!) Fibber Magees. Their awesome, self titled debut album (which we gave a glowing review to here, is a great, atmospheric instrumental metal album that is definitely an early contender for Irish metal album of the year. refraction have also launched an official website, which you can check out here.

The lads also seem to have great taste in support bands as sharing the stage with them will be fast rising, Cork party-grinders I’ll Eat Your Face, who are fresh off the back of a successful stint across the pond in the U.K. I’ll Eat Your Face always deliver with their live shows so be sure to get their early to catch them.

Also on hand are Ropemaker from Laois, who seem like a less heavy Refraction. I’ve only heard one track by the lads, the brilliantly titled “Less Taxes Equals More Biscuits”, which is a very mellow instrumental track but thought it was pretty good so make sure to give these guys a chance.

Anyone that makes it to the show, please let us know how it goes!

Just a quick reminder to all our friends over in Merry ol England that Ireland’s finest party grinders, I’ll Eat your Face are just one week away from destroying those January blues and showing you one hell of a good time….you Lucky Bastards. See the poster for tour dates and check out the clip below for a taste of what awaits!

A few of our friends have decided to graciously share their favorite albums of the year with you guys. So here they are. Enjoy!

Overoth’s Picks
Immolation – Majesty and Decay
Unleashed – As Yggdrasil Trembles
In Mourning – Monolith
Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier
Burzum – Belus
Triptykon – Eparistera Daimones
The Meads of Asphodel – The Murder of Jesus the Jew
Godhate – Equal in the eyes of Death
Hour of Penance – paradogma
Beherit – Engram

Niels’, vocalist of Toxocara, Picks
Immolation: Majesty and Decay
Killer album always an honour to open for this band and mosh in the front lines after our own show! Great artwork aswell!
Triptykon: Eparistera Daimones
Played with them in Portugal with another band during SWR fest totally blown away.. a must have!
Fear Factory:Mechanize
New line up!! Went to the show at Fortarock, Holland. Gene puts in the extra effort.. have been a fan for years, great new album
Decrepit birth: Polarity
Lots of times Toxocara get compaired with this band.. never had the chance to pick up one of their albums… this one fucking kills!! love it.
Deftones:Diamond Eyes
Alway have loved this band, even if they would make an album clipping their toenails I would buy it!! nuff said.
God Dethroned:Under The Sign of the Iron Cross
Hollands pride! Toxocara is opening for them this friday 24-12-10 on their cd release party, drummer and guitarist from Prostitute Disfigurement FUCKING AWESOME!
Danzig: Deth Red Sabaoth
Glen danzig rules.. I personally buy everything he puts out.
Also opend for these dudes this year.. crazy fuckers on stage very nice guys off stage had a blast with them and already was a fan of their work
Jimi Hendricks:Valleys of Neptune
Do I need to say anyting?
Victimizer:Tales of Loss and New Found Serenity
My other band along with the drummer of toxocara .. could`t resist to put it in the list.. really proud to have recorded this album released through Deity down records

Barry’s (I’ll Eat Your Face) Picks
Barry says he didn’t get a chance to listen to much new material this year but was still sound enough to send us a list of what he’s been listening to during the year.
1: Fuck the Facts – “Disgorge Mexico” (2008)
2: Dusty Springfield – “Blue for You” (Compilation)
3: Metallica – “…And Justice for All” (1988)
4: My Evil Ex – “Lust” (2009)
5: El Bastardo – “Versus You” (2010)
6: Mike Oldfield “Hergest Ridge” (1973)
7: Everything Everything – “Man Alive” (2010)
8: Lots of Anthrax and Wierd Al on Grooveshark
9: Lots of Fleetwood Mac and Def Leppard
10: Ratt – “Invasion of our Privacy” (1985)

Leigh’s (Wound Upon Wound) Picks
The Wounded Kings – The Shadow Over Atlantis
Alcest – Écailles de lune
Agalloch – Marrow of the spirit
Deathspell Omega – Paracletus
Ihsahn – After
Drainland – And so our troubles began
Altar of Plagues – Tides
Blood Revolt – Indoctrine
Wormlust – Svarthol
I’ll Eat Your Face – Irritan

I just received an e-mail from Barry Tron of I’ll Eat Your Face and unfortunately, the guys have had to call off tomorrow nights gig in Crane Lane in Cork. The guys have said that they will work on getting another show in the Lane as soon as possible, so at least it gives us all something to look forward to during the Christmas aftermath.

Remember, I’ll Eat Your Face are heading to the U.K after Christmas with Lamp, so if your in the Neck of the woods, be sure to go support the lads and go out and get your hole after. Remeber: Girls are ga ga for grind!

I’ll Eat Your Face UK Bound

Posted: December 19, 2010 by Flashbox in Gig, Music

In what is great news for Irish metal/grind, Cork grind heroes and Tomb favorite’s “I’ll Eat Your Face” are set to embark on their first oversees tour this January when they travel to the United Kingdom. It’s a great chance for the lads to gain some exposure and new fans and may even help attract the attention of a label.

We here at the Tomb are big fans of the “I’ll Eat Your Face” and their latest self-released album “Irritant”, which you can download for free here is definitely among our favorite Irish albums of the year. I’ll Eat Your Face are also one of the craziest and energetic live bands in the country and if you want a taste of what to expect on their UK tour, you can see the guys live at Crane Lane,Cork on Tuesday, December 21st.

We wish the lads the best of luck on the tour and will hopefully get another chance to speak with the guys either before or after the tour. Here’s the tourposter with dates/venues/etc below.

Weekly Wrap Up

Posted: September 18, 2010 by Flashbox in Boobs!, Movies, Music, Wrestling
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I have to say, I’m quite pleased at how things went this week in the Tomb. Not only was it our busiest traffic week, but we also managed to get some very nifty interviews with some very cool people. Here’s a recap of what went down in the Tomb this week

All in all, a pretty fan-fucking-tatstic week I must say! Hopefully, next week we can continue to provide interviews from people from all walks of life and provide a chuckle or two while we’re at it.

Before I leave you go enjoy the weekend, here’s some classic Obituary to keep you guys happy. Have a good one!